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  1. Went with the 550xp mk2. George Carr in Bristol delivered it this morning. Along with some Aspen2 - first time using that. Thanks for all the input. looks like a nice saw, bit bigger bodied than my 346xp but feels nicely balanced. Can't wait to have a go with it. Have a load of Ash and Sycamore to process. Are there any guides to saw maintenance on this site? If I'm being honest I probably didn't look after the 346 very well. Cheers Dave
  2. Harvey, mine was the much older 55 rancher. It was fine but the 346xp was a massive step up in terms or speed and torque. just a much nicer saw all round as it should be.
  3. Maybe I can send it to you when the situation improves? Can i ask what kind of things you do and what 'ported' means? Cheers
  4. I guess i probably phrased that wrong, i have two Husqvarna saws, the 346xp and an old 55 rancher as well as Stihl strimmers and a Kombi hedge trimmer/pole chainsaw. What i mean is that I really like both brands and so would be happy with either - just want to get the best option. If i'm being honest I've always found the Husky orange a big draw 😉 I would get my 346xp sorted but at the moment I'm self isolating as an asthmatic so not heading out of the house but have a massive backlog of chainsaw jobs to do at home and for neighbours. The last few times i used it it was taking an age to get started. Thanks for the comments Dave
  5. Hello, I'm looking for a new saw as an upgrade to my old Husky 346xp which has gotten a bit temperamental. Thinking of either the Husqvarna 550xp mk2 or the Stihl ms261 cm. My local dealer stocks both but is a main Stihl dealer and said that the ms261 cm has been the more popular and that both have been very reliable. I haver no particular brand loyalty just want the best 50cc saw in that price range. Will mostly be used for property maintenance and landscape and very occasional felling of small trees and cutting up fallen trees up to about 20" diameter. The saw won't get used that regularly so will need to be happy to left unused for long periods. But when it does get used it will used hard. Given the current lockdown I won't be able to visit the dealer and try them out. Any advice greatly appreciated. Cheers! Dave


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