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  1. I'm way down in New Zealand, with the bike parts i usually took a video, like in this case of the engine running, organized shipping and if it was viable and both parties agreed, I used PayPal or similar where the buyer deposited the money into a holding account (theirs not mine) and it isn't released to me until it's received at the other end. It was a little risky before that sort of thing came along because of distance and one of the two parties had to entirely trust the other but it was worth my hassle cause our money is pretty useless compared to pound, euro etc... you don't move to nz to get rich, you gotta be rich to come here..average wage here is around 40 grand and median house prices have shot to 1.2 million, this year of covid has seen the biggest increase.. Then there's the greenhouse carry on where fireplaces are banned, farmers are cutting stock numbers to plant trees that will never be cut down so they get carbon credits.the worst news though was last week when the they announced a pint of beer in our biggest city is more expensive than New York or London. And that's why I'm living in this old cowshed and ditched expensive women for young sheep
  2. Has the American BBQ craze hit your country, over here a cubic metre firewood is $120 nzd depending on wood type but that's roughly 60 pounds. Cut that same cube into BBQ chunks and your cube retails at 2000 pounds or $4000nzd. A lot more work and they only want certain woods, fruit, nut, oak.... Places here import shipping containers from the states of their wood that nz doesn't grow,just because some Yankee BBQ guru is using it on tv
  3. Got a rough idea what price range a start first pop,been smoking for more years than me, no bad noises. I'd say for resto purposes someone would give it an overhaul for peace of mind, although i still drag the heavy duty mulcher in the pic around the all blacks training paddocks no probs. I'm going to wreck it as i have in the past with rarish motorcycles and offload in countries that are more appreciative of such a stylish model as the a55 low rider
  4. I'm not far.. New Zealand I haven't a clue on asking price, because i haven't seen any for sale here to gaugë it on, that's why I'm asking you guys over there what they go for over there, buť I can't seem to find any using my searches
  5. Hi Arbs,just wanting a few realistic ideas of price from your part of the world,too hard to sell here.decided to get rid of all the Amish equipment we have and get a decent 4x4 kubota f3690 mower, only thing that's great and staying, is the NZ made Hansa pto chipper . The tractors a bit rough and probably needs some minor resto work ,worn bush replacements etc, but everything seems to work bar the handbrake ,lights etc. I didn't attempt to try start the dinosaur for a few months when i first arrived as manager because nothing else around the place did.But it's a first turn start even after long periods of sitting, smokes like a steam train for a while though. I joined here cause this was the most common Google Search result in English


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