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  1. This appears to be the consensus, just not sure I'm brave enough to actually try it, I'd hate to bugger up one of my saws for the sake of skimping on a cup full of oil
  2. Perhaps I'm worrying needlessly! Just I would hate to burn up a piston or barrel on one of the old ones, as they're likely to be pretty hard to replace!
  3. First off apologies as aspen questions have probably been done to death, however... Recently switched over to using aspen for the benefit of our equipment, sick of perished fuel lines, carb diaphragms, varnished carbs in things that aren't used often etc etc, all the usual reasons. However we run a couple of old Jonsered saws, which are intended for 40:1 mix, what would you people do in this instance? As it happens they're the ones that are likely to see the biggest benefit from the aspen as they're the big old dinosaurs that don't come out too often... Has anyone tried topping up aspen to a more oil rich ratio? To my mind this would still mean you have the benefits of the alkylate petrol and can use it in older machines? Or is the stuff totally incompatible with 2SO?
  4. Argh bummer, hope you got yourself set up with some kind of cloud photo backup first! If it's bounced over the border into Norfolkshire I'm sure we'll find it...
  5. Just read from start to finish, awesome thread, looking forward to the next installment!
  6. Yes they're all drum chippers! Don't think your whole reply came through?
  7. Agreed, flow restrictors would certainly work as long as you'd be happy having a non-proportional control I'm suggesting that rather than trying to modify this supply it might be easier and give smoother operation to split another service. More than one way to skin a cat and all that...
  8. Bottom line seems to be that none of the big brands is significantly better/worse than the others. They've all built some masterpieces and they've all built some turds. Whatever brand you go for, buy on condition, buy a well respected model, buy a bit bigger than you think you need. Buy an older "pro" saw over a newer "homeowner/farm" saw.
  9. Easiest way to do this is to put an electrically controlled diverter in one of your other circuits and have a changeover button, we've done this by sacrificing a horn button on the end of the stick before. Ie, thumb on "horn" button = rotate, "horn" button released = tree shear.
  10. We always use GM Hydraulic Services in Dereham G M Hydraulic Services, Dereham | Hydraulic Engineers - Yell WWW.YELL.COM Find G M Hydraulic Services in Dereham, NR19. Get contact details, videos, photos, opening times and map directions. Search for local Hydraulic Engineers near you and submit...
  11. So what are people's feelings about the relative merits/disadvantages of engine under infeed (Rock 13hp, skarper c90 pictured above) vs engine over drum (CS100, Rock RX13 etc etc). Is the infeed significantly higher to allow the engine to be mounted beneath it? Is stability Improved?
  12. Found it, about half way down this page the article starts in earnest: SUCCESS!!! Just repaired Stihl 045/056 Bosch electronic ignition!!!!! | Page 3 | Arboristsite.com WWW.ARBORISTSITE.COM Foggy (and all others) Sorry I'm such a scatterbrain and write as such. I was zero-wiping ,reformatting and running memory tests, etc on a used...
  13. Do you have a spark? If not I suspect you may have the same issue that befell a couple of 056AV Supers that we used to run. The electronic ignition pack fails. This can be repaired, I found a really good tutorial a few years back. I'll see if i can dig it up.


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