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  1. Hello, We have had to extract tones and tonnes of ash (as a lot of people have) and have huge piles. Have had a few people looking to buy trailer (Eg. 12-16 ft) loads of unseasoned, cut to approx 2 metre lengths. If anyone here buys in this manor to then process and season and sell on then what do you think would be a reasonable price point? Have a processor myself and space to season but with the quantities that we have I would be looking to unseasoned as well. I’ve not really had to deal with the timber side before as that was my late Dad’s area and I did the physical work. Thanks in advance, Sam
  2. Thanks, will have a look into them. On a budget and the other guys are talking about buying a telehandler. I’m thinking something that would have a lot more varied uses.
  3. Thanks everyone for the info, like you all said is hard to describe the steepness without pictures and the track does have stone underneath. Gets too muddy for vans and too narrow for trucks. We have a standard dumper and the Land Cruiser has been able to tow a mini digger And various other loads up without any trouble so may just stick with them. Have to be honest I’m trying to justify a tractor purchase but may just keep slogging away until I can afford something with a bit more power.
  4. Hello, First time poster here. Looking into getting a compact tractor for our woods and to help tow large loads up a muddy hill for an upcoming building project we have. I'm looking at compact Kubotas as we seem to have several dealers round my way. I'm looking at something like the MK5000 or L2421 if anyone has experience of either of these any feedback would be appreciated. I'm struggling to find on manufacturer specs what the towing capacity would be for this type of tractor. Both just under 50hp. Baring in mind that it would be towing materials up fairly steep hills in muddy winter. We have a contractor for serious heavy duty work with a Valmet so Kubota for more general work around the place. Will be my first tractor so fairly limited knowledge as so far been able to get by with a Land Cruiser and J D Gator but now needing something a bit more heavy duty. Thanks, Sam


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