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  1. Thanks all, I'll be sure to move that timber. It was left there when moved in and I've just not put it elsewhere as the stove hasn't been fired up yet. I've looked at the estate agent pictures of the house before the landlord bought it and the stove is in use and cosmetically sound. The leak was a slow one so the sitting water on the top of the stove has caused the rust I think, it can't have been going on too long before we moved in though and now the chimney has been repointed, capped and the leak has stopped. I'll get rid of the rust and see how things stand. Thanks to everyone for being so helpful! Tom
  2. Thanks Spudulike, that looks like the one. Much appreciated!
  3. Thanks Peasgood, I agree with you. Hopefully that will reveal something, there is a stove wholesaler down the road from me in Bolton so hopefully will be able to source the bits there!
  4. Thanks Commando, yes my landlord has made sure there is a CO alarm in the room, it was a struggle persuading them not to simply remove the burner altogether for a cheaper option!
  5. Thanks Squaredy, much appreciated. I'm new to all this as you can tell. The sweep said the lining was ok and the throat plate could be around 40 quid which if true sounds reasonable. I agree it would probably be best replacing in the long but I'm renting the house ( I don't own it) for a few years only ideally. I figured the short term option would be to fix it up, my landlord paid for the new roping, firebrick etc. I'll have a read up on HETAS engineers, thanks for the tip. If anyone can help name the stove I'd also still be really grateful. Cheers Tom
  6. Hi all, Brand new to the forum, hope this is the right place to post. The property I've just moved into has an old multi fuel burner in it. We've had the chimney swept, the burner has had a new firebrick amongst other things but I need to source a new baffle (throat plate) and some other bits for it. The issue I'm having is that I don't know what stove it is, the surface is rusty due to a leak which has been repaired now so I'm going to wire brush that off and repaint it. I can't see an ID plate anywhere. If anyone could help I'd be eternally grateful. Cheers Tom


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