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  1. Veeda


    Dorset, know anyone?
  2. Veeda


    Just wanted an independant view
  3. Veeda


    Yes that's what i'm doing, structural engineer has said above and the arborist is the next step, feel like i'm going round in circles with this
  4. Veeda


    Sorry the wall is about 50 years old
  5. Veeda


    Its a party wall, the trees are next doors. I want the wall to be safe and not to have to pay for the damage they've caused. I need advice on if arborists can give advice that can be used via a solicitor
  6. Veeda


    We had a surveyor and he said to re point the wall and put thor helibars in at a cost of £3500 - i can't see how, although make the wall look nicer and i know the helibars will strengthen it a bit, but if there are literally little footings to the wall, no seep holes and the soil is covering up all apart from 7 bricks on a 2m high wall how this will be a long term solution! and stop the soaked clay soil pushing the wall still further! Will an arborist be able to help on the soil/clay issue can you tell me please?
  7. Veeda


    Hi The other side there are conifers, there were 2 large palm trees and bamboo
  8. Veeda


    Hi Can anyone help me with soil/clay leaning on a decorative wall as if it were a retaining wall - how it would destabilise it when it is over half way up the wall? What I can do to prove that it's that that is making the party wall lean from my neighbours side to my side. Any help would be great. Thank you


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