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  1. Yes looked into insurance and they wont help unless it has fallen on someone or something.
  2. Thanks all. Its seems the advice is becoming more meaningful. My tree guy quoted 4500.00. Including processing all the paperwork with the council. I like the idea of getting a hold of the crafts workshops. I will look into that tomorrow. I understand the cost of the wood from the tree doesn't out weigh the work to remove it. It would be great to give it to charity. It looks like I can have this done for less then 4500. Will look into that. Thanks😊
  3. Oh Btw I have a professional Tree guy that has been trimming this tree for for the past 13 years. I pay him well too. He has done all of the investigation on the tree and sent me a quote for cutting and mulching it. I want it go to good use not the compost pit. I love this tree. So I do value your opinions no need to get nasty. Oh thank you to the professionals who did reply with positive info.
  4. Based on the last comment I wont bother reading further up as it looks brutal. 😯😱 So instead I will take my naive comment back and close the post. I simply just wanted to open a dialog with professionals and instead get stomped on. I was open to any suggestions like yeah could do this for £ xxx amount if I get to keep timber etc. But I guess this isn't the forum. I will go back to the timber company who advised me to come here give them the feedback is was not helpful; I was only a joke. Cheers!🙏🙏🙏
  5. Thanks Jonny for the information. I did reach out to a mill that was interested but to far away. He advised me to post here advising that this was the best place to find someone closer to me that would interested. It is a reputable timber business in Wales that I dont think would set me up for a Joke. Thanks Carrie
  6. We have been advised by our tree guy that our 200 year old Oak tree base is rotting and we need to bring it down as it's a hazard to the surrounding area. It is protected and he will apply for permission to the council. I have had a quote for removal and the costs are not affordable plus removing it will just go into a chipper. We dont want that to happen and would rather it go to good use and made into something. We will give to someone for free to cut down and mill. If you know of someone please let us know. We live near Rugby Warwickshire. I dont know how big it is, hopefully you can tell by pics. There is easy access to the tree for cutting down. Thank you carrie


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