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  1. 14 downloads ,dont think its gonna be unique for too long😀
  2. no built it,bit more work to do yet though😀
  3. am interested though cos most contractors i work with use 15-18 up to 65cc ,20" on 70+,and 28" on 395s and 660s and once in a blue moon they pull out an 88 with 36-48 bar ,even then mostly 36...no big bars there...ps arent cannon bars lo pro?
  4. right, just reread your post ,so we are now talking a ported 562 and not stock,and a 357bb ,not quite sure what that is ,,,359 maybe..
  5. just this minute ordered a 24" 3/8" for testing my 357 .will let you know results ,think have unmolested 371/372 that i can test against .like i say this is purely out of interest my 365/372s pull 32,s without problem..and i dont cut softwood ....dont burn it n dont mill it 🙂 ps will do if money is right lol 2
  6. apologies ,must of mis read post thought he was looking for whalebone /hiab set up for carrying logs
  7. why the sides and tailgate ,gotta be lot of extra weight to drag aroung?
  8. my advice keep it simple and dont buy anything with winches or other gimmicks,you want to concentrate on what your saw does and get a feel for when it hits knots,shakes etc ..you wont get that if you start off dragging a saw with a cable....you can get to that when you start getting lazy 👍
  9. i do run a 32" in me 365 though and she is special😄 005_Trim.mp4
  10. even I haven't the neck to borrow yer saw and bar as well,will be asking you to sharpen chains too 😁
  11. ps if i want to run a 28 will ask stubby if i can borrow his 395 ...😬
  12. just spoke to my contract cutter who tests all my ported saws and he reckons my ported 357xp has slight edge over 562xp .but i certainly wouldnt put a 28 on it (biggest they make is 24 lol).reckon you must have one where all the tolerances are perfect .fair play 🙂
  13. tis good point though lot of years back we built a lot of banding to hold concrete tanks together and had to get set up tested ,was either a 10 or 12mm s/s bolt that gave out in shear at 9 tonne,still prefer my method though 🙂


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