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  1. The first thing people think about is obviously "I've got a potentially fatal respiratory infection so I'll have a shit"
  2. I'd say white poplar as well because of the diamond patterns
  3. Oak apple gall wasp | The Wildlife Trusts WWW.WILDLIFETRUSTS.ORG Living up to its name, the oak apple gall wasp produces growths, or 'galls', on oak twigs that look like little apples...
  4. It doesn't look like beaver gnawing around an existing hole, looks more like rabbit or grey squirrel
  5. Marbled newts are fantastically beautiful. There are a few sites in the UK where they have been introduced (popular with pet keepers) Yellow-bellied toads display their marking to advertise their toxicity. Found in ditches and puddles in Transylvania but classed as rare throughout Europe. Spectacular species I admit to getting the 4-spotted chaser wrong I'd forgotten the broad-bodied chaser is common at this time of year
  6. First batch 1) meadow brown 2) Swallowtail species 3) bee winged hawkmoth 4) poplar hawkmoth 6) black-veined white Second batch 2) crab spider species 4) 4-spotted chaser 7) midwife, fire-bellied or yellow bellied toad (need to see the underside to id properly) I gather you live in Europe, probably France as they aren't all UK species
  7. I worked at Worcestershire Wildlife Trust and started him off with slow-worm research
  8. Scott? If so i recall him very well top lad
  9. Didn't study at Bournemouth by any chance?
  10. Apologies due- it is a female orange tip I forgot they have black markings on the forewing edges 🤔
  11. Looks like female large white to me, nectaring not laying on garlic mustard (dark spots on wings) The small blue looks most likely to be a holly blue but can't be sure without seeing the underside The slow-worm is the finest creature on the planet in my book i'm a retired ecological consultant by the way


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