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  1. Thanks I'll have a look later
  2. The problem is that the lead wont pass through the boot properly. Its too short. I had trimmed the end to expose some wire. Now I cant get it round the 90 degree bend in the boot. I'll keep trying. Maybe I'll have to buy anew cable.
  3. Hi, I've got a 10 year old Ryobi petrol strimmer. Recently its been cutting out and bogging down. It tended to start up fine and run OK for a few minutes. I cleaned then changed the carb, filters and fuel lines , it ran a bit better briefly. It then started having problems starting and would cut out after 30 seconds. Ive checked the muffler and ran it without it, same problem. I've now found that the spark plug lead is loose at the boot bit. My son confessed he'd yanked it out by mistake and just shoved the cable into the hole. Ive tried to reconnect it but the cable is too short to maneuver. Should I keep trying to fix it or cut my losses? I enjoy tinkering but don't want to throw good money after bad. Thanks Neil
  4. NeilT

    Husqvarna 268 XP

    Thanks. Im thinking of going for a 50cc saw or thereabouts. I had thought of the 455 or the Stihl equivalent whatever that is. Ive got it posted on a local FB selling page for £220 and will put that towards something else hopefully.
  5. NeilT

    Husqvarna 268 XP

    Hi, I've got one of these saws. Its great but too big for my needs. I think its from 1991. I'm planning to sell it but am not sure how much it is worth. Other than stick it on ebay and hope for the best, is there a way to get it valued? I plan to get something a bit smaller like the 455. Thanks.
  6. NeilT

    Husqvarna 268 XP

    Hi, I aquired one of these last year. Ive barely used it as I found it hard to start and quite heavy. I have a Stihl 180 which is old but runs well and only use it for firewood. I've basically used the Stihl to take down about 20 spruce round my property and process it for firewood. I spent some time over the weekend on the Husky and it's running well. It started fine and cuts really well. I dont know much about the saw. I was thinking of selling it and getting something like a Husq 435. Does anyone have any experience or opinion on it? Thanks. Neil


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