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  1. Fuel starvation! The main fuel tank line was completely perished. Makes sense why it idled ok, but under load it was sucking air in! You could only see this after completely removing the carb. Only issue is, I created a bigger job for myself, by trying to pull the fuel line through the tank as had some spare fuel line to try. Anyone looking to do this, what you can't see is that the the fuel pipe that goes into the carb, is only a short pipe that connects to a nipple. I had thought it was all one pipe like on my old Jonsered. The problem I then caused was pulling the fuel pickup pipe of the connector inside the fuel tank. So this essentially means I had to remove more of the chassis to get to the fuel pickup nipple, that then was a pig to remove as a previous owner, had siliconed it in. So after snapping the fuel nipple lol, I am now ordering one of these as well as new pipe. But overall at £3 for new pipe and plastic nipple. Thats still pretty cheap.
  2. Thanks, Thats really comprehensive. Its second hand and I would guess about 8yrs old. I have removed the muffler to check the piston and its looking beautiful, so thankfully its not that. Will later tonight investigate the air leak and potential fuel shortage. Thanks again.
  3. Hi, Picked up this saw about 6 months and it has run brilliantly. However, when I tried to use it at the weekend it started to bog down under load. It idles fine, however, even under minimal load it starts to lose power and stall. Afterwards it smelt hot and you could hear pinging sounds where the metal of the engine sounded like it was hot. At first I thought maybe its a clogged air filter, so took that off and although a little bit of dust nothing to write home about, cleaned up and no better. I then thought maybe its the sprocket/ clutch slipping, but I would think if it was slipping revs would surely increase and not cause the saw to stall under load. I pulled the chain and it doesn't look like its got a lot of chain oil on the bar grooves, so thought maybe the oiler is not working. I don't know how to check this, but have recently seen you can clean out the hole on the bar in case it is clogged. But again, couldn't see how this would cause engine to stall under load. Also have since read about making sure the bar grooves are not in poor state, causing the chain to begin to eat into the bar, causing friction. So will check these next time and file down flush if looking rough. Lastly I thought, as the engine idles a little high, perhaps its too lean on jets, but I'm no expert in tuning jets. Any advice would be helpful. With the Coronavirus isolating, I would like to put my time to use in clearing up some of the winter fallen trees, also would be good to just be doing something proactive. All the best Joanthon
  4. Thanks guys, when we bought this saw I was in my late teens, I'm 39 now and I don't think we knew what a good saw it was. It is heavy, which put me off a little at the beginning, as it was my first chainsaw. I now have a small collection growing, Stihl Kombi Pole saw 12", a Makita DCS3501 14", a Jonsered 2036 turbo 16" and the old Jonsered 630 18". I prefer the Makita for felling as much lighter and has enough power. But now really appreciate the power of the 630 for logging the bigger trees up on the ground. I will check out chainsawbars.co.uk and will also check out the sprocket before. Kind regards Jonathon
  5. Hi, Just been cleaning up a saw we have had for over 10yrs and looking for some advice on putting a new bar/chain. I seem to of read that this saw shares some parts with the Husqvarna 266. Its a heavy saw, but great for logging what I call big trees. There appears to be plenty of Husqvarna Bars about but no Jonsered, So guessing Jonsered no longer makes parts in the uk? I have an old Oregon 18" bar which is very rusty and was looking at fitting a 20" Husqvarna bar ref HU585 94 34-72, which is 3/8 0.058 1.5mm. That looks like the overall spec of my current chain/ bar, just more links. Would this fit my saw? If found a good price on it and it appears like a pro quality bar. Any other suggestions welcome though. Thanks Jonathon


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