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  1. So i got it started! I had it at the factory settings 1 full turn on high and 3/4 turn on low and no joy. I couldnt tell you exactly what i did but it involved about 2 hours of small bit out small bit in over and over until it started to run. From there just fine tuned it best i could (wouldnt be an expert at tuning) and now it starts first time on half choke when cold after one pull on full choke and stays idling for as long as i need. Couldnt be happier with it! on a side note, i heard theres a lightweight 14 inch bar you can get for these? Any recommendations as to where to get them or what would peoples opinion be for the best 14inch bar ? Thanks lads.
  2. Hi all, new to the forum. A friend recently bought an ms200t. The saw would start and run and idle, but when youd go to give the throttle a lash it would bog realy bad. So we checked for cracked hoses, blocked tank and vent filters etc but no difference.So i swapped the carb from my 200t which is going like a dream into his one. Started on the button and went like a bat out of hell with quick throttle response. The symptoms hes having with his saw where they exact same problems i had with my own a while back. I cleaned the carb but couldnt tune it right. I followed the guide on the cover H fully in and 3/4 turn back and L fully in and 1 turn back but couldnt get it to run and idle any bit. Gave it to a repair place and he had it tuned in no time and going like a dream ever since. I asked what he did and he simply said just tuned it is all and didnt even charge me he said it only took him a few minutes. So im wondering what am i missing? I now have my friends saw back together with a cleaned out carb, bearing in mind the saw did start and go just got boggy when youd pull the throttle at idle. Then cleaned the carb fully. My problem is i removed the tuning screws to give the carb a good clean and now cant for the life of me get it to start and idle any bit atall trying any of the guides on youtube, factory settings or google. Any chainsaw wizard want to give a young eager sawman some very helpful knowledge ? I would greatly appreciate any feedback or help and sorry for the long windedness of the post.


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