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  1. I’m after an Oregon reduced weight bar. Not bothered about what size! I realise they’re like hens teeth over here, and yes I’ve tried on the American forums. Anyone got anything to sell? Cheers!
  2. GuyMo

    044 Gaskets

    Thank you matey!
  3. GuyMo

    044 Gaskets

    It’s a 10mm and wasn’t metal, definitely some kind of fibrous material.
  4. GuyMo

    044 Gaskets

    it ripped when I tried to lift it. Not too stressed about it, more just wondering!
  5. GuyMo

    044 Gaskets

    Just been gifted an 044 with a toasted top end. It’s from about 1995, and I’m going to rebuild it. just wondering if anyone knows what the old gaskets are made of, and whether from that age they would contain any asbestos? I know the new ones are ACM free, but can’t find any info for the older ones! Cheers!
  6. GuyMo

    020t Idling High

    I’ve not checked the fuel line (silly me). Surely a pressure and vac test would show a leak in the crank seals and impulse line though?
  7. GuyMo

    020t Idling High

    My 020t is idling high. It’s really bugging me. The saw is in mint condition for its age (2000) having and very little use until I picked it up in November ‘19. I’ve opened her up and theres no scoring etc. I have tried to sort it, but to no avail. 1. I tuned the carb, and it had no effect. 2. I did a pressure/vac test, and it held completely. 3. Swapped the carb for my 200t (another Zama), still nothing. I was wondering what else I could try? In advance, I’m very grateful as always for your input! Thanks.
  8. GuyMo

    550XP Flywheel saga

    I presume they are pretty difficult to get hold of too?!
  9. GuyMo

    550XP Flywheel saga

    I cleaned up the original pot, bought a new piston (Meteor). I stupidly bought a different carb (recon) before finding out that it needed to be synced to the coil etc. I was unsure with how it would go (as I’m not particularly experienced) so I didn’t want to shell out for the original parts in case I ruined it. I’d heard excellent things about the Meteor pistons and so far it hasn’t disappointed! I’m hoping that once this issue is sorted, then I’ll be able to keep it running well, as the compression/acceleration etc is excellent!
  10. GuyMo

    550XP Flywheel saga

    Thanks! Is there any reason why it would work to just fit a new flywheel, presuming the crank etc is ok?
  11. GuyMo

    550XP Flywheel saga

    Cheers! It’s probably some idiot not tightening the nut enough...
  12. GuyMo

    550XP Flywheel saga

    Sheared, the key on the inside of the flywheel that first the groove on the crankshaft was in small shards when I removed the starter cover.
  13. So I bought a 550xp from a chap last month. Started but wouldn’t run (ruined piston). Finally managed to get all the new parts etc and ran it. I absolutely loved it. Ran better than any of my other saws, and knocked spots of my 261 which is much newer and in better condition. I was using it to rip out a load of Leyland today when it gave a ‘pop’ and died! I feared the worst and quickly got it onto the bench. Absolutely no damage to pot/piston/crank etc. However I took off the starter cover, and the flywheel has sheared off from the crankshaft (not damaging it), and the part of the flywheel that fits in the groove on the crank (equivalent to the woodruff key on most) was in little bits. Has anyone had anything similar happen? Any ideas how this could happen? Freak occurance? Ive ordered a new flywheel, are there anything that I need to be aware of when fitting it? It’s my first Husky that I’ve worked on, and it’s brilliant, far more intuitive and well designed than all of my other Stihl saws.
  14. GuyMo

    550xp Rebuild

    Thanks all! Very helpful. I’ll let you know how it goes!!! Ive not honed a cylinder before, but the scoring doesn’t look too bad. move attached a couple of pics if anyone has any other pearls!


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