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  1. Chuffed with my 25. There not pricey, just worth the money and it's tax deductible so who cares
  2. I'm in Peterborough
  3. £2.10 per tooth plus postage.
  4. Modified to comply with legislation or built for for this market, same as every other distributor of US chippers and grinders.
  5. That's pretty much exactly what I've proposed, but he won't accept it. I was starting to think I'd missed a trick but from what's coming up on here and a little email chat with Dr Glynn it's nice to see I'm right in my thinking.
  6. I’ve already raised concerns over his assumption that compaction levels have been increased to a level that would effect root growth and transpiration without having a base line figure or even testing! The proposed plan is to remove the recently installed hard surface and its membrane and then Re-install with permeable membrane cellweb and type one before capping with a permeable surface. It’s not been excavated just laid so it’s been a lash up from the start and now someone’s got to fix it from a tree perspective. Rootzone intrusion is less than 25% working off the bs5837 guidelines for the area so I’m not unduly worried about reinstalling the road properly.
  7. That’s one of wednesdays little jobs.
  8. Thanks Normally I'd look to do mulch where possible, although the we use fresh pure chip mulch from willow or fruit species. Biochar I've found helps if you can get it in but its a waste on top so I'll work it in with the airspade or vertical mulch with the auger and chuck some worms in the hole as well and soil drench with simple sugars, but it's not feasible for this job and the Tree officer won't accept it. He's adamant on compressed gas injection.
  9. It's probably been asked to death on here, but, what are people using for rootzone decompaction work? I've got a job that I'm working on where the tree officer is pushing for terravent or similar to alleviate the as yet undetermined level of compaction that may have occurred. Every paper I've read points to it not being effective and coupled with the fact the machines no longer made means I'm stuck with either the VOgt injector, that I can't find a single paper that confirms its ability to decompact, hours in the shed building something that again might not even work or hoping someone on here might have an old terravent they'd part with that he's convinced works. I did say about using my Airspade but he's ruled that one out already because it will return to the previous levels of compaction if the access road that's caused the problem is replaced. Thanks
  10. Depends on the machine, but twenty hours of chipping over a week of domestic work takes some doing. Some jobs you'll do well if you clock up an hour a day.
  11. I can do them. Built a machine with dust extraction and the right grade, width and diameter of diamond wheel to cut the profile.
  12. As bad an idea as it may be to have a set of blades made, £242 is daylight robbery. Bandit blades are huge compared to forst and there no where near that price.


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