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  1. Thanks for (some of) the useful comments, and Bill for your encouragement. Clearly I'm not that experienced in chainsaw mechanics (and dyslexic!) and I have no fear of taking the saw to a mechanic, I just like to learn, thanks for the support.
  2. yeah I think it goes into that part from the looks of it
  3. So the metering arm was wrong, I have now set it correctly, but still having the same problem! The only line going to the carbureta is the fuel line, there is the C shape line that goes to the flange on this diagram Husqvarna 346 XP (2001-06) Chainsaw CARBURETOR & AIR FILTER Spare Parts Diagram WWW.RANSOMSPARES.CO.UK Husqvarna 346 XP (2001-06) CARBURETOR & AIR FILTER Chainsaw Spare Parts Exploded Diagram , but I wouldn't have touched this or gone near it so my feeling is its unlikely to be the problem.
  4. Thanks for quick response, this model doesnt have a primer bulb, L was one full turn out, H was 3/4 turn. I was pretty certain about the gaskets and diaphrams, but will go back and double check them all. The metering arm could be wrong, is there somewhere you no of I can view the correct set up for that? Is the impulse line (thats the fuel line right?) likely to have been distrubted whilst I was doing the carbureta?
  5. Hi, Im looking for some advice please, My 346XP was left over the summer with fuel in, and when i started it last week it wasn't as powerful and kept cutting out. I read that this could be a dirty carbureta after sitting with fuel. I have now cleaned the carbureta, careful to put the limiting screws back in the same spot, but when I put it back together I cant even get is to fire up with the choke on, let alone get it running. any advice welcome. Thanks Celi


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