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  1. I agree. An attitude change is needed. Compliment dose not = competent. Keep up the work Paul. Cheers
  2. An industry that appeals to a lot of young guns. Once 18 can potentially get fast tracked through all tickets suggested to make the company's they work for "compliment" then sent out by some unscrupulous sorts and asked to perform works of a "competent" operative. Dose this occur in other work at hight rope access sectors? I venture not.. Maybe high rise window cleaning for some of those young folk whist working on another trade to become compitent in that before progression to the next level. By which time they have learnt the ropes and may have even ascertained a level 2 or 3 in those disciplines. They may have never used tools that can cut their ropes let alone subjected themselves to dynamic loading scenarios well into level 2. Maybe they do use angle grinders early in their career development. Under the supervision of a level 3 who has to be airborne too. The ropes and the tools are not the issue hear. It's the training and qualification scheme that should be revised. Throwing another rope into the mix will not solve it. If we wish to be seen as professionals then maybe we should have a system that creates professionals. Our job can be dangerous if we take into account the unknown quantities of trees and their defects. Then the weather to some degree. Poor anchor point selection is potentially a lack of understanding and knowledge of what you are dealing with. Sub standard work positioning is possibly due to rushing to get it done asap or just laziness. Which can lead to cutting of rope or self. I believe that the majority of the issues can be reduced dramatically via good leadership/mentorship. This should include a change in the wing it it will be ok attitude. If we make our work environment a place where you are not commended for taking short cuts and making uncalculated decisions but instead looked upon as the idiot you are then this will snowball into a safer working environment for all. Ground staff need to be more professional too.. Now that's most definitely way off topic so perhaps a different thread..
  3. Undoubtedly the most dangerous thing is the drive especially when most arb's drive back knowingly overloaded. But that's not the point of this thread. Nor is cuts from saws because of poor working practices. Failing from hight because of poor anchor point selection leading to failure is what 1st prompted this whole issue from my understanding.
  4. Two ropes..Too much. So many valid counter arguments on this site and a push against it that the HSE have seen sence and revised their approach. Up to us all to show them that they are moving in the right direction. Don't turn a blind eye to the fellas that exasperate the issue. That means company owners, managers, formen to trainee staff ect..
  5. I agree with you. Up to us all to make this happen then.. Let's stop this old school mentality of just get on with it and push for a lets think about this attitude.
  6. Maybe they should. The implications on this obviously is having an effect on all involved.
  7. More investigation and transparency into the cause of accidents would be a start as to the true cause of the tragic events that lead to life changing injuries and death. The fact that a complete novice can ascertain all the qualifications needed to be acrededted as a qualified climber in a matter of months is quite frankly shocking.. Our industry needs to change tact and that is unequivocal. I would argue that the majority of the statistics involved are the result of poor work positioning and poor practice. Throwing two working systems into the mix is the wrong approach. Concentration on good work practices is key with mentorship from skilled observant operatives. The "it will be ok" and wing it attitude has to change. If we wish to be treated as professionals then we need to step up and act as them. I have made my opinions on this in past posts in other threads so will not repeat on this one. What circumstances led to the person who fell on spiky railings?
  8. If his points are not of value to some that is their opinion. We can only make assumptions on a person and their online persona from their quotes unfortunately. He may have been a stella climber back in his day. His posts may suggest otherwise unfortunately. I expect that their are a number of people who can articulate a wonderful working ethos online hear but in reality...? That's the nature of the online world. Up to him to fight his corner if he wants too. He may just not give a shit about other opinions on his past and present. If we all let people get under our skin we would be forever in conflict. That can be just as bad not having an opinion.
  9. Misuse as pointed out in my post. The statement holds true in my opinion.
  10. I knew climbers 20 years ago who never used top handled saws. They used back handled saws one handed though! Sometimes a foot too! Go figure... safer than a top handled saws? I think not. Just stupidity. Point it if you put a tool in the hands of an idiot they will find a way to make that tool dangerous....
  11. I would imagine the attack on him personally is simply because his post is his personal opinion. As with everyone else who posts hear.. If someone disagrees with anything I post hear it will evoke a response or not.. I have conversations with people in person and have no issue in response in defence or admittance that I may be wrong or just a view point that expands my knowledge and changes my mind. The nature of forums is to open points for discussion to broaden horizons and expand knowledge If you have an opinion at the least have a counter to defend it? He has a few points worth considering but it is inevitable that ones that people disagree with are the ones picking up on. I imagine he is a busy man so no time to respond at present. Or he may have just put out his opinions and has no interest in futher response. Which ever is true he has given people something to think about..
  12. Please expand. Are you implying that in a state of panic from a catastrophic bleed that working out two systems will be easier than a bail out on one? I agree with many of your points but this one as I read it is incorrect imo.


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