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  1. It is a good idea but unfortunately very poorly executed. The pockets are coming apart now. I've got a pair of pfanner arborists but I've taken them to a shop to get the knees patched so need to wait for them to come back before I try and get my money back for these embarrassment of a trouser. The pfanners have been great and they're 18 months old now and it's only the knees that have gone the rest of the trousers are grand still. Going to see if I can swap the arbortecs for another pair of pfanners, not holding my breath though so if anyone's looking to buy a pair of Arborflex I might have some for sale, they're really good haha
  2. I've just bought a pair of type a inners and the pro skin from Radmore Tucker and Skyland respectively. First impressions were ok, they're comfy and fit snugly. The inners are a bit weird as they've got an elasticated waist band. I thought there's be a break in the waist band to match the fly on the skin's but there isn't so they're a bit tricky to get on and off. First day of use Monday and the lace hook on the inner bent which I was pretty pissed about. I bought the long leg as I'm about 6'3" but they're still too short and kept riding up past my boots while I was climbing, at time exposing my shins. They advertise as having deep pockets for wallets and phones etc but I can't wear my harness and have my phone in my pocket because of the leg straps crushing my phone to my leg. There's no cargo pocket and the rear pocket is just as much in the way as the front pockets. Tuesday the other lace hook ripped itself out of the stitching and Wednesday the button fell off the waist. I know they're only minor things but I feel like if Arbortec aren't capable of sewing something as simple as a button on then how long is it going to be before they fall apart completely. After a week of wearing them I'm not at all impressed, hopefully I can get my money back and spend the £300 I just dropped on these on another pair of pfanners. I vowed never to buy Arbortec again a few years ago and I wish I'd stuck to it to be honest.
  3. Best carabiner I found for using with the rope wrench is the DMM Rhino. It's got a flatter top and a horn to stop your hitch cord etc slipping round onto the spine. The ultra o are awesome crabs but like you say they're a bit cramped when you've got 2 legs of friction cord, your pulley and 2 legs of tether.
  4. I find a running bowline really good when pitching up a tree and then swap to a pinto anchor when I get to my final anchor point for reductions. I tried a mid line attachable cambium saver a few years ago but didn't get on with it. I found that 2 ultra Os back to back and a small maillon worked well but I'm not keen on hardware dropping out of the tree and smashing on rocks, concrete, tarmac etc. Plus they are a real pain when they get stuck, I don't find the pinto anchor gets stuck ever really.
  5. Ah fair enough, that might be a bit too big of a hole..... What about a mini maillon? That might work if you put the screw gate facing away from your climbing line? Definitely agree about being innovative, it's the way forward for sure. Always looking for new ways to do things rather than just struggling on with what you know because it works ok 😋
  6. This might work better with a small DMM anchor ring perhaps. The XSRE biners potentially have rough edges on the pins for example that may wear at your cord or climbing line. Just a thought....
  7. I've made my own up too which works really well. I prefer the Stein version type thing over the HAAS because it all ticks away nearly into a chalk bag on the back of my harness whereas the HAAS is pretty rigid and dangles about a lot when you're not using it. The HAAS is also ridiculous money. Get yourself a Petzl Croll, 2 DMM XSRE biners, some 4 or 5mm bungee cord and something to use as a foot loop. I use 4mm hollow braid dyneema that I've spliced an eye on one end and an adjustable loop on the other. Total cost is about £50.
  8. I understand that a twin rope system works well in this configuration and aids spinning around without entanglement etc... but I can't see the additional safety benefit of having 2 climbing systems if they're attached to one bridge. If your bridge is compromised then even 12 climbing systems won't make anything any safer. Don't get it.
  9. Evening all, I've moved up to Shrewsbury a couple of months ago and I've got a good base of companies that I work with now but it'd be good to find some more. I've been climbing full time for 6 years with CS30, 31, 38, 39 and 41, chapter 8 and IPAF. Climbing, rigging and speedline kit, 2 top handles, ground saw and bigshot. I take enormous pride in my work and everything I do is done to the best of my ability and most importantly safely. If you're looking for an efficient, high quality climber then get in touch on 07446 237119.
  10. Hi everyone! I'm moving up to Shrewsbury next week from Gloucestershire and I'm looking to make some new contacts and hopefully get some work booked in from 12th August. I've been climbing full time for nearly 6 years now, proficient and confident with all aspects of the job. Reasonably quick and definitely safe. I take enormous pride in the work that I do and have a strong work ethic and I'm definitely not rake shy. I have CS 30, 31, 38, 39, 41, IPAF, Chapter 8 and FAW. I cone with a comprehensive climbing and rigging kit, 2 top handles and a groundsaw as well as my own fuel if required. My number is 07446 237119 if anybody is looking for a climber for regular or odd days and you'd like to know a bit more. Thanks Andy


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