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  1. Hey it's not me who's got a problem with role ups or competitions haha. I was talking to my business partner last night and we're thinking of entering some competitions for pairs, and then me going into traditional and him using chainsaw and all that. We're not lazy at all, and I don't expect an easy solve. We're working hard not just to build a business but every hedge we lay, we look at and criticise it and look at how we can be better at what we do. We apply that to every aspect, we garden and manage a wood amd take whatever work we can, but hedge laying is a priority because we love doing it, it's just frustrating that we don't have as much work as we'd like, with only two booked for this coming season so far.
  2. We have about 1000m under our belts at the moment, so it might be worth having a go
  3. We do keep meaning to, maybe this is the year to go for the Cheshire Plough match competition. It does make me a little nervous though, what are the competitions like?
  4. We've advertised for hedge laying, coppicing, grounds maintenance and fencing, I think it's partly a case of getting a customer base. We do have signs designed for when we get a promising hedge. I've started going through our pictures for an A4 sheet of advertising today, and we've got a fresh batch of cards which I'm pretty proud of. I'm also getting a list together of local tree surgeons who don't advertise hedge laying so I can ask if they'll pass our details if they're asked. I'm attempting everything, it's just frustrating not having the work when you're so keen to get on with it. Thanks again
  5. Thanks for that Gimlet! That's great advice, I've been thinking of turning up at farms, none of them seem to have offices though, it's all farm houses around here. We've tried calling them and some have shown interest, but no takers yet. Thanks again
  6. We do, but apparently there are a lot of tree surgeons who get approached for hedge laying, who don't do hedge laying, so I thought we could offer a percentage of the pay for them putting our name forward.
  7. A friend and I started a business a couple of years ago to aim for hedge laying and coppicing work. We're finding it difficult to find work. We've pisted an ad in the local Links and we're on the NHLS contractor's list and we're talking to people to try and get more work. I was thinking of approaching tree surgeons but I'm not sure how to go about it, any suggestions? Thanks for reading
  8. Hi, A friend and I recently started a business with the intent to focus on hedge laying, coppicing and charcoal burning. We're currently looking for work in Cheshire for this coming season. We have two seasons worth of experience and pictures available of our work. Thanks


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