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  1. I would like to request that you close my page down as I seem to be offending people as a Christian.


    People might believe in Manchester city or they might believe in Manchester united, they both have a Manager and eleven players and a substitute, I am a believer in, Man united… with the God of peace, as my Lord and Saviour with eleven disciples and one who betrayed Him. So let us not get offended by who we chose to believe in. Amen :0) (I was brought up as a Christian)


    Thank you again for the opportunity to take part in this forum. I wish you all well. God bless. Brother Philip. 


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    If you are looking for a suitable site to drop off your wood-chips and logs that will cater for your timeframe and business needs, I offer you my New wood-chip and log drop site, just 1 minute off the M1 at junction 12. No charge for dropping and I will make myself available to be there when you need to drop, morning and evening for regular wood-chip deliveries. A cup of tea awaits if I have any left in my flask. This site is looking for wood-chips to turn this just under an acre of unused field for many years into a 'Mineral-Rich Fruit and Veg Wood-chip Garden' Your wood-chips will not be burned for profit, your wood-chips will help feed and water this unique garden project that will teach many other people and encourage many other people to copy and even feed their family's with 'Mineral Rich Fruit and Veg'. Also, an opportunity for you to copy for when you retire from making wood-chips, so your future wood-chips will one day pay you back and feed you and your family, I can teach you how. Once the garden has been created your wood-chips will be available for free to other gardeners so not just I and my family will benefit but others in and around Bedfordshire will benefit too. The Lord says' Freely receive, freely give. So as I will receive them for free, I will make sure they are given away for free. Amen. Just call me, Brother Philip, on 07858 177 345. Thank you and my God bless you with many wood-chips and logs to bring. In Jesus name. Amen. God bless. Brother Philip


    westoning, beds - GB

  3. Brother Philip's, NEW Wood-chip and Log Drop Site is only one minute drive off the M1 at Junction 12. Drive towards Westoning on the Harlington Rd (A5120) IMPORTANT... And cross over the roundabout toward Westoning. Then about three hundred yards along you will see on your left a 'Shed and Car Wash facility', Named Dingly Dell Car Wash. (This is where the road forks off to the left), Drive down that road and at the end there is a T junction. At that T junction, you will see on YOUR RIGHT a new silver field gate with woodchippings all around the front. IT IS IN THAT FIELD THE WOOD-CHIPS AND LOGS HAVE TO BE DROPPED. Telephone me beforehand, I live in the Village of Westoning so by all arrangments will be there waiting for you, if you arrive and phone without an arrangement, I may be able to get to you within 5-10 minutes of your call but cannot guarantee this, so it is always best to arrange. You can drop off from 8am to 7pm on most days by arrangement, earlier or later drops can be agreed to help your business by special arrangement for regularly trusted droppers. Saturdays also, Sundays NO, sorry. Thank you for your Wood-chips and Logs and may God bless you with lots of wood-chippings. God Bless, Brother Philip If you are coming in from the Village of Westoning or from the Tingrith road or Westoning Road, Harlington. then they will all meet at the 'Shed and Car Wash facility', Named Dingly Dell Car Wash. Follow the instructions above when you are at that point. God Bless. Brother Philip


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