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  1. Hi, interesting re changing chain to 3/8 on MSA200. I also use MSA160 and MSA200 with the PM3 1/4 chain for carving. I use an 8” Cannon quarter tip carving bar on the 160 and either a 12” Cannon or a 12 Sugihara R7 carving bar on the 200. Used in conjunction with the 220 this is an excellent carving combination. The PM3 chain is good for carving but I also find it good for small to medium general forestry work (sledding etc). I use a MS 261 for bigger work. I have found that the cordless can get a bit full of wood chips in battery compartment and in get real casing. It’s fairly easy to take apart to clean it though.
  2. Update: I have now ‘tuned’ my MSA220 by fitting a 14” Sugihara bar and a Husqvarna X- Cut S93-G chain. This makes for a much better saw for blocking out and general forestry work.
  3. I have also used a Marita 9032 for about 3 years but I have also found that the belts do not seem to last as long as they used to. I have also found that the little cushion pad under the arm becomes dislodged. It is a good sander though. However, the need to finish standing carvings away from a power source led me to purchase a Ryobi One+ R18PF-0 cordless power file. Which uses 13 x 457mm belts. I use the 5Ah battery . Although the belt speed is much slower than the Makita I have found the Ryobi to be an excellent tool. I purchased some cheap non Ryobi belts for it ages ago and they seem to last much better than the Makita ones. I now find myself using the Ryobi much more. The big battery lasts ages.
  4. Alder doesn’t rot underwater. It has been holding up Ely Cathedral and the Rialto Bridge in Venice for years!
  5. The Sugihara R7 carving bars fit well. Rob sells them but is waiting for new stock.
  6. I will attach a couple of photos but basically the bar has an open slot at the mounting end which fits over a raised stud on the saw. The MSA160 and 200 run the 1/4 0.43 PM3 chain. The MSA220 runs a 3/8 full chisel chain on either a 14” or 16” bar but has the same open end.
  7. We just need to get the carving bar manufacturers that there is a growing market to get them to produce a better choice of bars for these saws.
  8. Thanks wisewood. There is no doubt that cordless technology has advanced and can only get better. My new MSA 220 is a powerful saw. There is an interesting, if rather crude, Australian review on YouTube. Just turn a blind eye to the H&S aspects.
  9. I’m really keen to see if others are using Stihl cordless as I think it will help if the manufacturers realise that there is a growing market out there. Rob is not sure that the Canon will fit. It might need the end of the slot machined out.
  10. Hi, I have only been carving for just over 2 years now. I do it as a hobby but sell my produce to raise money for a wildlife garden charity in Norfolk. Apart from MS261 which I use for general forestry work I use 3 Stihl cordless saws for carving. I have a new MSA220 with 16” bar for blocking out. A MSA200 with 14” bar for initial carving and a MSA 160 with a Sugi R7 12” bar for fine work. I find that the 200 and 160 combination are excellent saws and with 4 batteries I can keep up good work rate. I am aware of two other chainsaw carvers in my area have converted to using cordless saws My main issue is that my choice of bars is limited because currently only Sugihara make the R7 open ended mount for the Stihl fitting to the cordless saws. (1/4 PM3 chain). I have been liaising with Rob at Chainsawbars to source a Canon bar to try but we don’t know if it will fit. None available at present. Does anyone have experience of suitable carving bars for these cordless saws. Also, anyone else using cordless for carving? I am an amateur but love carving. I attach a couple of photos.
  11. I used Danish oil in the past but I found that it tended to go black in some environments. It is a harder finish and does not protect against fungal attack. I still recommend Osmo extra but Rustins clear decking oils is also good. As others have stated oil helps prevent the timber drying out and reduces splitting. Ash is prone to splitting.
  12. I never thought that I would feel sorry for a Laylandii. I rather suspect that the person employed to remove this tree on a village hall car park (public place) was not qualified or insured to undertake this work.
  13. I would recommend Osmo Extra uv protection oil (420). This also gives protection against fungal attack. I’m a chainsaw carver and I’ve found this to be very good. It’s a tad expensive though! Available from Brewers Decorators centres.


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