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  1. Is it not acceptable to replace the tree's with ones more in keeping with residential area ? Is it dangerous to the tree for me to replace the drive way around them If they stay ? I'm concerned digging around will disturb the roots. Currently its just dirt as I dug up the paving due to it being disturbed. 2 of the tree's are about 14ft apart and I wanted to dig between them to create a better entrance to the house . Is that possible without disturbing the roots and damaging the tree's ? Would need to dig down about 2 feet i'd say.
  2. Highly shrinkable it also reads regarding the soil type . Does this have any significance do you guys feel ?
  3. Claygate Beds”, underlain by London Clay.
  4. HI Some advice if possible I have 3 very large copper Beech tree's less than 12 feet from my house. They are my responsibility and all have TPO's. My house was built in 1904 and has a very large crack in the front bay that a structural engineer has reported to say is caused by the tree along with other structural cracks of significance again reportedly due to the tree's The Tree's overhang my roof by some margin and have steel supports within the crown I presume to help strengthen the structure of the tree I'm concerned about my house and the potential of the roots to cause subsidence along with them potentially falling onto the house . The tree's are 50-60ft in height. I want to discuss replacing them with the council. Is this a waste of time ? Planted after the house was built its been suggested but no way to prove that or even if that makes a difference. The 3rd tree is further away and whilst the surface roots no doubt are under the garage doesn't appear to be so much of a concern as the other 2 Is it worth discussing with the council ? Best AH


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