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  1. Thank you bobby punk for the info, gonna go check out his carvings and videos right now. Cheers
  2. Thanks for the reply. Oak is non existent in these parts unless I wanted to buy lumber from hardware stores. Think I will try some aspen for indoor pieces if they look ok if not fatten the stove. Cheers
  3. Holy shit thats a lot of gear to get stole. F ing assholes are everywhere. Hope you got your gear back. If not I hope the bastard who swiped it cuts his leg off if he uses any of the saws.
  4. Hey guys, just wanted to get your opinion on using aspen wood for chainsaw carving. Good or bad or in between? What do you consider the best wood for carving? I live in Newfoundland so we have big aspens , fair sized birch, black and white spruce and good sized tamarack. Thanks
  5. Thank you again Bill. I used a Ram micromotor to grind them off. Used a small stone and it went pretty good. Used saw yesterday and it makes a big difference. Here’s a photo of my first masterpiece. Very rough but the wood is rotten and I need to get used to using a chainsaw for doing this and not for just cutting firewood. I think he will be heading for the wood stove. Cheers
  6. Wish I lived closer but I am across the pond, too far of a swim, I would love to spend a day there.
  7. Awesome carvings. How long have you been carving? Im just beginner.
  8. ol pooh bear Awesome carving.
  9. Awesome work, beautiful.
  10. Holy shit, that is one awesome looking eagle. I only wish I will be able to carve something like this if I live long enough. Gonna take a few years of practice though I think. Well done sir.
  11. Wow, that is F ing awesome. I will be a few years I think before I can tackle something like that. Well done, love it.
  12. Just read the posts again and saw where Bill said he used a grinder on the teeth. Sorry


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