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  1. owain038

    372xp problem

    Was a cheap aftermarket one he said.
  2. owain038

    372xp problem

    My thoughts too, while spraying soapy water at the decompressor didn't product any bubbles I'm not convinced it was sealing up, as apparently the old was reused on the new cylinder, and the crush washer isn't replaceable on them so guessing that didn't seal up properly and produced an air leak.He's deciding whether it's worth while repairing or not... Might have a cheap 372 on my hands if I'm lucky [emoji1787]
  3. owain038

    372xp problem

    Found his problem, cheers for confirming low compression fellas
  4. owain038

    372xp problem

    Just got an update He said "it's been a bitch to start hot and when it runs out of fuel since the rebuild"... He also said the rebuild wasn't expensive so I'm guessing crappy parts used and compression is too low
  5. owain038

    372xp problem

    Sorry, yeah I'm getting good spark, have used new plugs and taken plugs out of my own saws with no difference... Didn't think to check the key actually, will check that soon
  6. owain038

    372xp problem

    Just had a 372xp dropped to me. Customer said it was running fine, recently had "engine changed" which he later said was engine and crank replaced. Came in for a coil replacement as the original plug boot had some off and the wire was damaged. Put a new OEM coil in, but no sign of any life. Good bright spark, getting fuel as plug is wet, compression tested at ~130psi (at sea level and also a cheaper compression tester). Tried new plugs, drop of fuel down the cylinder, decompressor in/out, sprayed soapy water on it while compression testing to check for leaks and no sign of life at all... Any further suggestions as it's doing my head (and shoulder) in
  7. Spent a few free hours bucking up some firewood for a friend who's no longer able. 461 is ripping [emoji108]
  8. A sweet chestnut at home that died for no obvious reason.. And a dying sycamore near to a newly built house.. was probably only 2 inches either side of good wood. Both easy jobs but good practice.
  9. That's true... To be honest if I end up using it alot I'll probably sell it on and pick up a cs100 or similar, the smaller form factor is attractive. Appreciate the concern [emoji106]
  10. This is only used on my own property for clearing, won't be used for work [emoji106]
  11. Am I the only one that hates the smell of Aspen? Recently trialed it with a new Husqvarna hedge trimmer and the smell is so sickly it makes me feel ill. I'm not hating on it I genuinely like the idea behind it but I can't stand the smell from the 'fumes' off it.
  12. Tightened up the belts and gave it a test run. Ran much better than before, as above it doesn't seem to have a no stress, however it's not too difficult to manage the speed yourself, just a little more inconvenient. Gave it a test of some grey Willow, while it managed okay it produced some longer chips. I then tried some Griselinia hedging which it managed much better and chipped much nicer. I'm also very happy with the quality of the chipping/shreddings which I'm guessing is due to the combination of blades and hammers? It's tough to remember it's not a timberwolf and you can't just feed it infinitely, but I feel it will be handy. (I left the covers off to inspect any potential first use issues; found a fuel hose which I'm presuming to be the vent leaking so maybe the float is stuck will require some investigating.)
  13. Doing a bit more investigation this evening. Is there anyway to tell if it has a "no stress" feature? Struggling to find any information on it
  14. Two new belts just ordered [emoji106] plan on stripping it down further tomorrow as apparently the "blades were sharpened recently" aswell [emoji849] hopefully should be working well by the end. May even look into mounting it on a small tracked dumper base down the line rather than the trailer unit. Thanks
  15. Hi all, just after picking up my first chipper. It's a Negri R250 powered by a 20hp petrol v-twin Honda engine, with a single hydraulic feed wheel. I took a bit of a risk buying it and yet to see whether it was worth it. Fired right up and reved up nicely. Right time to engage the feed roller and get to work! Alas, once a load was fed it, it seemed like the clutch wouldn't engage and the revs died and the brash was now stuck in the chipper feed wheel [emoji849] freed it up and decided to do a quick bit of general investigation before it got dark. The "recently replaced belts" is a relatively term I guess [emoji849] The pulley on the engine was also extremely hot after a minute or two running, is this normal? Plan to change the belts and maybe the pulley bearings while I'm there. Any mechanical tips appreciated as I'm new to the repair side of chippers!


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