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  1. Sounds like a sweet job. How is it different from what you normally do?
  2. A friend of mine working for a powerline contractor has air suspension and curses them. Apparently teams have punctured them off road numerous times and are forever adjusting them. Upgraded springs may make for a harder ride but once fitted job done. And it's a work vehicle after all!
  3. It would be interesting to know how often a tree is retained in favour of underpinning etc. I know when I make an application to do work on TPO'd trees the planning form asks for copies of reports relating to subsidence etc. if that's the reason for removing a tree, so might be worthwhile contacting your local planning officer. Given the expense and difficulty of implementing engineering solutions over removing the tree, I can't imagine it happens very often.
  4. Well that applies to pretty much every freelance climber and small business? I don't think prosecution was ever on the cards, but a personal injury claim could easily be turned down ,but for the sake of £100 or so a year I don't have to argue the toss with a claims assessor should the worst happen. As I understand it Loler is a workplace regulation, regardless of your status within the workplace and getting kit Lolered is hardly a biggie. Anyway, my original point wasn't about getting kit lolered, it was about the reason why the other srt devices aren't available here. I'm getting the impression it's a taboo subject!
  5. I work for myself Treetom15, so it's to satisfy Mr Loler more than anything. I imagine if something failed on your kit if you were climbing on a non-certified bit of equipment, even if it wasn't the srt device at fault the insurance cover would wriggle out of any liability. And I would have thought Europe was as big a market as the USA.
  6. I had a look at it jackrs1. The chicane/ zigzag seems to be a mechanical copy of the rope runner, and Petzl obviously deemed it worthwhile marketing Europe. Other devices seem a bit more compact and just wondering why they're not available. Not big enough market or not considered "safe" enough?
  7. Unless I've got this wrong, it seems only the rope wrench is CE compliant and available in the UK, even though it seems people are using unicenders, hitch hikers etc in the UK and Europe. Why are these other options not available. Is the market not considered large enough to warrant getting them CE certified? Seems strange considering it covers the whole of Europe as well as this country. Is there any likelihood in the near future of other options being introduced in the UK?
  8. Like others have said it's just an old tree. I doubt the oil tank has been an issue unless the old one spilled its entire contents and this is a new replacement, in which case it should already be bunded to meet regs anyway. If it was a slow leak I'd expect to see dieback on just the tank side of the tree, whereas this looks a pretty even dieback all-over. similarly with the construction of the pad and oil line. The pad only needs to be 4-6" thick and even with a hardcore base I wouldn't expect that amount of a reaction to it and the 10mm pipe would only be a narrow trench. Personally I'd just remove the branch over the tank, in the LV and any other large wood that's likely to hit the tank, and leave it at that. As there aren't any other targets why add to the tree's stress?
  9. The best boots I ever had were Elten fellsman. Discontinued now, but there is one supplier on ebay selling the last of the stock, so you might be able to make an offer even ( only £49.99 + p&p)in a size 6 - so maybe still too big for you?
  10. What's your point? Looks like most Olive tree pruning I've seen in that part of the world. Fluffed up nicely considering it goes against every textbook!
  11. Couldn't you just run enough rope round the building to your van and use that -seeing as how its just a Holly and not some ridiculously big tree? Then you can tension it and use the van as a controlled pull. Drilling into someone's house is ludicrous. As well as damaging a very expensive structure, you might hit a waterpipe, gasline, electric wires etc. What if they start noticing damp in the near future - even if you've done a tidy job repairing the holes that's where I'd end up pointing the finger.
  12. Does anyone know of a site close to Long Marston, Warwickshire CV37 - I've checked the tip sites listed but all still seem a bit of a drive. Job's 2 hours from my local neck of the woods so any help appreciatted.
  13. Thanks for all your help -gives me something to do on a pissy-wet afternoon. That or watch another columbo. O -and just one more thing!.....
  14. Ahh! Spark plug - seems so obvious now you've said it. Cheers Essex. I've just got to rebuild my carb now LOL!


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