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  1. Yeah! Maybe you're right. Time will tell. Take care
  2. Yes! Like a lot of people I was a swing voter - although I agree with a lot of socialist principles I know it only works with a capitalist society. Last election Corbyn wasn't the right man for the job and many of his proposals didn't hold water so for that and other reasons I voted blue and by default helped elect Johnson. My beef lies with the way hes dealt with the virus. The best thing hes done recently is appoint Rishi Sunak who seems to be really on the ball despite delays on S/e and will probably save Boris' bacon. But this has been coming for about 3 months. Watching PMQ's the other day was an eye-opener as to how much he still doesn't have a specific answer to. He must have been briefed or expected someone to ask about frontline ppe and yet there was only notions of 'as soon as possible'. How hard is it to ring up the manufacturer/supplier and ask when the first batch will arrive, and in the meantime he's calling on 250000 volunteers to help with things like transporting outpatients - that's taking them closer to hospitals and infection and with no ppe? Meanwhile Matt Hancock was making statements about going to work that conflicted with other government statements. Also shops like Wickes have been open and everyones heading there so they can do their DIY projects whilst isolated - why not close them to everyone without a trade account at least. It's crazy! Call this a party political rant if you like, but I'm worried for friends working in ambulances and hospitals.
  3. Hardly a party political broadcast. I voted for this man who's making wishy washy decisions over this crisis. He's supposed to lead, not react!
  4. The government can't decide what to do?!! Too true but what a shitshow. They got in it for the jollies and now they can't handle it when it matters. I watched some of PMQ's today. Boris couldn't commit to anything questions about ppe for frontline staff, s/e help, rent evictions, confusion about who should and shouldn't work - all this with the muppet Hancock sat behind him like a nodding donkey. It might be a difficult job but when you take a position to lead the country wtf do you expect. All this and almost every shop you'd normally go in is open. A friend who's a paramedic is sure he's got it but can't be tested and they won't let him discontinue until it's confirmed but they've no testing kits and no ppe so he's basically passing it on. Until they can protect the people on the frontline the rest of it seems a complete waste of time. For a supposed 1st world country we're left wanting!
  5. I don't know why everyone hates Keunssberg. She comes across as a bit up her own arse but her job is to ask questions.
  6. I guess so but a lot of stuff like trimming hedges and cosmetic maintenance can hold off for a few weeks. In a months time it might be a different story when finances start to bite and at that point we'll need to know where we stand as self-employed. You can't live off nothing! For the time being I'm going to do the same as others - stop work and fix all those jobs at home that need sorting (assuming I can get hold of materials).
  7. Agree totally with this. If I had my time again I'd probably join one of the services and learn a trade through that. By the time you're mid 40's you'd have a pension and a trade. If you just have tree work by your mid 40's you'll still be looking at a long physical career ahead of you, that's neither assured or easy and little in the way of a safety net. I know at 19 your 40's seem a long way off but tree work like any other industry can become repetitive and most tree workers skill levels plateau or rather the skills needed for most tree jobs plateau, so you don't necessarily have to be doing it your whole life to get good at it . It is an interesting and fun career compared to many but it's not a job for older bones so have a plan B. Or join the rest of us disgruntled on Arbtalk who are facing a precipice at middle age.
  8. 80% based on 3 years books will be a life saver for a lot of us, but how they work it if you've recently started or been running a loss are more unanswered questions. I don't know what sector in our industry won't be affected except perhaps utility work. Private work will slow down once peoples jobs become uncertain and then stop spending, so its irrelevant if you comeinto contact with the customer or not. I'm doing my bit by reverting to posting out my invoices so people have something to wipe their arse on!
  9. I think we've just seen the answer to 2 rope working!
  10. Try Toby at Say it with Wood near Ledbury - 07958 345833
  11. What's the diameter at the top end? I'm not in the market and nowhere near your area but just curious to know how you calculate rough volume and what the minimum use-able diameter is regarded as being?
  12. Hmmm! let me think! Do I want to do a hard job for £250 when the jobs worth more. So tempting, but I think I'll pass. Methinks you need to work on your salespitch!
  13. Tell him you'll take him on based on the tickets he supplies (originals - not photocopies), so if he only has cross cut then his wage reflects that. The more he provides the better wage you can offer. That should encourage him to find his certs or arrange replacements if hes genuinely lost them.
  14. I would have thought this needed to be done when the trees were a lot younger to get them to retain the shape you're after. At that size, surely they'd have to be ratchet strapped together and then bound with a strong rope to hold together, and I don't think they'd start to fuse naturally.


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