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  1. Thanks, I think I will try JB weld first and if that doesn't work I will look at other alternatives like possibly soldering/welding it, altho I imagine this will be quite tricky due to the wall being fairly thin and the metal quite soft in comparison to other metals.
  2. Evening all, I've had a quick look but can't find any answers to my question on the forum - I have a 461 with a cracked crankcase (see pic) It isn't anything too major but it is over the oil tank and leaks a bit of oil - any suggestions as to a repair solution rather than spending £160 on a replacement crankcase? I've come across a product called JB weld but not sure if anyone has any experience with this? I'd appreciate any thoughts and suggestions, I'm sure spud will know if it's worth a try. Thanks
  3. Thanks sawchip, will have a look at that
  4. Thanks spud😀 Defo isn't either of the first two points but I'll try a darker room👍.... just puzzled me cus both saws run yet no visible spark when testing.... but like you say the room may have been too bright. Will luk👌
  5. Does anyone have a suggestion as to why I can't see a spark on my stihl 200t and 201t chainsaws when I hold the thread of the spark plug against the engine casing and turn over the engine? I was doing this on my 201t due to just having installed a new ignition coil and was puzzled when I couldn't see a spark - I then went and tried the same test on my 200t which runs fine and I still couldn't see a spark!? Both saws start and run, but I can't ever see a spark using the mentioned method!


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