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  1. I pop mine on my Ifor as it does look a bit wibbly wobbly! Says off road use only which made me wonder if it was a bit unstable. but for chipping, excellent value for money!
  2. Don't get me wrong, mine will gobble through it like nobodys business, its putting too much through the chute at once it doesnt like. With other species it doesn't seem to mind as much, but with the conifers it seems to block easier.
  3. The smaller chippers dont like conifers much. They shred it into a fine dust that settles in the chute. Best way to avoid it is to make sure you don't put too much through at one time. Simple enough in theory, but the temptation always wins out in my experience!
  4. Looks like I’m spending the weekend trying to befriend a farmer!
  5. When I started out nearly ten years ago I worked out of home, as the business grew I needed more space so rented a garage, then as I found myself with more and more equipment I rented a shipping container as well. The business is still growing, I need even more space but can’t justify the expense of a proper industrial unit. It’s already a bit silly having gear dotted around three locations but as long as I’m organised it’s manageable, but a fourth would be impractical. Has anyone faced similar problems? If so do you have any suggestions?!! Thanks
  6. I'm always a bit put off by "electronically controlled" this that and the other. For some the fact that there's no carb and a bunch of electronic sensors probably sounds great, to me that reads more like "we've replaced something you understand and can easily fix or replace with something you have no hope of ever understanding". Just my 10 cents! It still looks impessive!
  7. Interested to know how you got along if you decided to try this out. I'm not convinced but it's an interesting idea.


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