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  1. In a litre box? Or one of those little ones with the straw on the side?
  2. I’m topping leylandis today and somehow it’s even hotter up the top, no shade, nowhere to hide, had about17 breaks already and I’m considering sacking it off till tomorrow now
  3. Good for you. This is important stuff. I thought mental health problems were trivial until I went doolally for a few months after some stressful events all hit at once. Now I’m of a different opinion. Well done
  4. What a lovely story
  5. Could be a stone spider, their bites turn to ulcers that take ages to heal. I don’t know about the lump though that’s not something I’ve heard of.
  6. It doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone, and you’ve had a pretty comprehensive list of answers as to why it might cost that now. But anyway, that’s just my ten pence worth, it ain’t like I’m gonna be felling it, it’s miles away. [emoji23]
  7. So basically you’re in the ball park, and by asking here, which is a reasonable idea, you’re getting the inside track on rates and how everyone goes about pricing jobs. We’re all running businesses so our aim is to get the best return on our time and investment, which isn’t cheap. For example, I work with one other bloke, for bigger jobs we get subs in, for yours I’d want three of us. Some guys might do it as a pair, some might have 4, and that’s up to them, there’s no standard that everyone does, it’s their call and that’s gonna be reflected in the prices we’ve all got bags of kit which is expensive to buy and expensive to maintain. We’ve gotta keep all that somewhere, I for example live in a regular sized semi detached, so I need to rent a yard to keep it. Because it’s expensive gear it’s attractive to the light fingered, so I pay more for a yard with cctv locked gates and people on site at night. That’s another cost. It all needs fuel, the tickets cost money, we spend our free time out quoting jobs many of which you won’t get, odd days where you’ve gotta service your saws, have a proper sharpen up on a bench, none of that’s getting paid for, expensive ppe. hell even my trousers cost £250. Turnover is a completely irrelevant barometer of the health of a business. If someone says they’ll do it for ten grand then they’re taking the proverbial, if someone says 500 quid, they’re probably gonna fell it onto the neighbours conservatory, but £1500 to £3000 isn’t unreasonable and it’s up to you to know what you can afford and choose who you think is gonna do the best job of it for that money. And bear in mind the reality of it is that none of us are interested in a race to the bottom because there’s plenty of well paid work out there if you do a decent job of it.
  8. Just say yes if it’s in the back garden [emoji23]
  9. Sobering. Wouldn’t wish that on anybody.
  10. Of all the ways I imagined that going, that was a surprise. I also didn’t realise there were so many different kinds of breaker bars on the market, the last one he used was shaped like a cross too so it can double up as your headstone after the tree flattens you.
  11. Did you start this thread just so you could tell us all you’re a vegan? 🤣
  12. Drove out to a copse to look at a parcel offered on day rate, blew out the front tyre on a bit of ragstone, swapped for the spare blew that out on another bit of ragstone, had to get the mrs to pick me and the wheel up take me to the tyre place then drive me back to the truck in the morning with what was now the third tyre. I only went to price it up, cost me 180 quid in tyres.
  13. That was my first thought too
  14. Should have called and told em your neighbour was having a beer with a mate.


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