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  2. Cut & paste: "Horse chestnut is native to the Balkan Peninsula. It was first introduced to the UK from Turkey in the late 16th century and widely planted."
  3. Honda


    A Russian soldier in Ukraine is wounded and flown back to Moscow unconscious. After three months he wakes up and is allowed to go to a pub. He orders a vodka and asks the bartender "Did we take Kyiv?" "Yes says the bartender, it was on the news" "Did we take all of Ukraine?" "Yes, it was on the news" "Great! What do I owe you?" "Five Euros" said the bartender.
  4. Have a word with Boris and Maggie. It has been a couple of centuries since the monarch has chosen who gets knighted.
  5. I have a small vintage wood burner in my conservatory and bought a small grate (£9.99) from an ironmongers. I used to put the grate in if I wanted to burn coal but I leave it in all the time now even when burning just wood. It works fine. Like this but 12" wide Fire Grate Cast Iron Single Curved Bow Fronted Fireside Grill Black 14" 16" 18 " | eBay
  6. Simple solution to this. When people are panic buying petrol or diesel make a minimum charge of 30 litres for each car or van. For those selfish people who put just 10 litres in their tank that is fine but they pay for 30 litres.
  7. The problem originated even further back than that: Shuggie Bain Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart (goodreads.com)
  8. I have one and agree completely with your post; note the bit in bold above.
  9. When you say 3m reduction, is that 3mm?
  10. Honda


    Prince Charles in bad mood as wrong parent dies.
  11. My chopping block is ash that was felled and cut over 20 years ago. It is as hard as steel. Cut, split and stack it under cover now and it will last for years. It will be hard to cut and split if you leave it. Edit to add: By chopping block I mean firewood chopping block that I keep in a barn.
  12. Honda


    It's the Four Tops.
  13. Honda


    You know when you're sitting on the loo and realise there's no toilet roll so you have to do that silly 'trousers down waddle walk' to get a new one? Well, I'm nearly at Tesco.
  14. Honda

    Mot testing

    I think that advisories should be exactly that: verbal or written advisories that are not on the MOT certificate. I stopped using one garage because the inspector was advisory mad.
  15. The elderly around here seem to drive Honda Jazz, Volkswagen Polo or Nissan Micra. Seems to make sense to me: reliable, low running costs, small easy to drive and economical.


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