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  1. Honda


    Mother decides to cook the family a special treat of deer meat for dinner, she tells her husband to see if the kids can guess what it is. The family sit down to dinner and the husband says "Kids we have a special treat today, I won't tell you what the meat is your mother has cooked but I will give you a clue and say it’s what your mother calls me" The son jumps back in horror and shouts to his sister "Don't eat it, it’s a knob".
  2. Honda


    I came out of the supermarket yesterday and there was a woman and her three kids crying their eyes out. I asked her what was wrong and she told me she had lost all their holiday money. It really upset me so I gave her fifty quid. I'm not normally that generous but I had found over two grand in the car park ten minutes earlier. I felt good all day and really proud of myself.
  3. Can the bases be used for hurley sticks?
  4. That looks like a useful machine but it should only need one man to operate it. The second man is doing nothing except helping to move it from tree to tree. Another wheel on the base would do that.
  5. A relative of mine has a Clearview and it is perfect for their large lounge. If I ever change mine that is what I will get.
  6. Honda

    Beth and Joe

    Nothing to do with arb work but I love it...…..
  7. Honda


    I switched all the chocolates to the wrong wrappers in a box of Celebrations last week. Mrs H was fuming when she found out, so I said "OK OK, there's no need to get your Snickers in a Twix".
  8. Honda

    Danny Macaskill

    I have spent this wet Saturday watching as many of his videos I could find.
  9. Another wet Saturday so spent hours listening to good music and watching outrageous cycling skills:
  10. Had a lazy day today watching some of his videos, Here's one:
  11. Honda


    Life in the Faslane…….
  12. Not quite right: Take any 3 digit number between 201 and 998 provided that the hundreds digit is bigger than the ones digit and do the following: Write down the number 523. swap the first and last digits 325. Now subtract the two numbers =198. Now swap the first and last digits of the new number and add them 198+891=1089 always. Edit to add: I cannot see why the hundreds digit needs to be greater than the ones digit because you are going to subtract the smaller from the bigger anyway. And, it doesn't work for 312 and probably other numbers.
  13. Honda


    Isn't it strange how so many Formula One drivers are named after Scottish towns? Lewis Hamilton. Eddie Irvine. Stirling Moss. Ayr Town Centre.


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