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  1. Ellen Wilson

    Help please!

    Finally got my request done and a site advertised. Desperate need for chippings about a mile from Newcastle upon Tyne City centre. Whatever you can offer I will consider ,Ellen
  2. Ellen Wilson

    Moorside Allotments

    This is an allotment site in desperate need of chippings. We took out the grass paths believing that we would, from time to time, get delivery of new chippings to keep it looking ok. However this has not happened and we really would be grateful if anyone can help us.
  3. Ellen Wilson


    I have spent soooooooo long today trying to set up a new tip site that I feel I am losing my mind. I cannot get any further than the map as, when I try to pinpoint the position exactly, I lose the little man and cannot get any further. If anyone can tell me how I can easily do this without tearing out any more hair, please do, Many Thanks, Ellen
  4. Ellen Wilson

    Help please!

    I don't think so! I will look at that though Thanks, Ellen
  5. Ellen Wilson

    Help please!

    I am in desperate need of wood chippings for the allotment we share. It is about a mile from Newcastle on Tyne city centre. A couple of years ago wood chippings were offered ( by the council I think) so we got rid of the grass paths to make it easier to maintain what with old age and arthritis becoming a problem. However , since the first delivery we have only had one very small amount of chippings delivered and now all we have is a mess which looks awful. Can anyone help us, either free or by a small fee to make our allotment worth looking at again? We could pick up if needed within a reasonable area but only have a small car so patience would be required! Any help greatly appreciated.


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