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  1. I’m not a greedy man TVI.....I’d be happy with £10 billion!! Loved reading your blog by the way.....very interesting gave me some great ideas.....i also own a Pasquali Alpine, had it a few years, not as tidy as yours, cracking bit of kit!
  2. Lol........well spotted!!! Although £65 per cm3 would be a tidy profit!!
  3. Ha ha, yeah, with another 400/500 m3 to come out of our woodlands!! just no time for delivering, gonna keep the kit for the moment and maybe just cherrypick the good local customers.
  4. Morning, We are giving up our retail firewood business, I have approx 200 m3 of Seasoned / Part seasoned processed hardwood sitting in vented bags in our open sided barns, mainly Oak / Ash / Hawthorn cut 8-10 inches. Telehandler on site for loading. £65 plus VAT collected. Most of the vented bags have only used once, so can be reused if needed. We are based in Welford (Northants) 5 mins from Junction 1 A14.
  5. I’ve got a load of used bags available if anyone’s interested. some vented, some solid, some m3, some 90cm all good condition. PM me for details.
  6. We are based in Northamptonshire, very close to Leicestershire/Warwickshire border. Looking to do maybe one more season, won’t be buying in anymore stock, when it’s gone thats me finished.
  7. Hi, Has anybody had any success in selling a firewood business?? I’ve been selling firewood for the last 10 years and now sell in excess of 500 tonnes per year. I am looking to emigrate in the next year or two, seems a shame to let it fizzle out and I’ve built a good customer base, not sure how you go on selling a customer database with GDPR regulations. TIA.


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