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  1. A pruning saw, Ie, a silky saw.. would be 2p worth.. edit somthing like this Silky Zubat curved pruning saw (large teeth) – FR Jones and Son Ltd WWW.FRJONESANDSON.CO.UK The Silky Zubat range offers a standard curved saw. It is one of the most popular saws and is widely used by...
  2. I wished I had looked a bit closer with my glasses on, ? yeh its not oak ?
  3. Where is that taken ? What’s that oak weight . 5 or 6t ??'s i guess they will need some assistance ?? i wonder if if the cops will have it removed off the road..
  4. How much you wanting to pay towards this expensive doc..???
  5. You been going to too many bdsm places ???
  6. I drove pass some guys who were taking a big tree down probably horse chestnut. The rings were piled up in the road.. i stops and says to the guy, if you want to dump them closer than wherever you are taking them..them we could use them up the allotments and all the wood chip as well. 800mts away. i never thought ,I’d here the reply I got,,, bear in mind.. how long it took to drive to where ever they were taking them man power time and fuel.. his reply was, we can sell them to you. ????. I replied what green wood your driving miles away, and a free dump site 800mts away. Carryon. there was another big reduction going on of some poplar,,, I got 3 trannie loads.. of chip..that they would of (over loaded of course) had to drive 10miles away.. when I went back for more,, the reply was you’ve had enough ???? now all the organising of drop off etc, is a pita,,, which at the time I was willing to do.. it just goes to show times change and some guys want to milk a buck or two.. I know we are all different, you just have to find the right persons at the right time..
  7. Wedgebanger

    E5 fuel

    You say this from a place that still sells ethanol free fuel. The manufacturer can make an engine to run on good or not so good fuel.. but someone can make something they call better and sell for more than twice the price. Just look at the organic stuff.. is better for you? Well maybe, is it all better than the alternative probably not. So buying a saw in Brazil , can they afforded run it on aspen, or do they even sell the stuff. You must know there there are people designing stuff just to sell..And marketing is where it is at
  8. The front wheel on the trannie don’t look right.. was it it a cab, (stickers on car door) with a passenger?
  9. I'm wondering if you got an air leak somewhere.. other than that... oil in the fuel so a p&v test first, but my bet is a slight leak in the crank seal
  10. Well I don’t really know what to say... apart form it’s good to hear everyone is ok.. but otherwise its changed your weeks plans.. I hope things get fixed up soon..for you..
  11. You just gotta look at the currents/pixeies it needs..ie 12 xA then look on the bay and get your needs.. or better still put in your specs in and go-google-it...Pushkin the surchin buttons... just like i did for you .??? The answers in the pic.. or if you like I will say.. 12v3a but better get a 5a and you get extra pixies when you push harder when your grindin your spinny thing ?? edited;to say car batter-charger ??
  12. Still no pics of the prunus...but I f it stayed up after yesterday’s wind. Then no need to worry so much about ya granny.. in the meantime why didn’t you raise it with the old guy and his misses or was it that he had dementia.. the new owners could get it felled if they were to think it was a risk...if you open your mouth.. but in the meantime, a guy turns up from the local park and will be moving on when he get a section (whatever) notice in a week or twos time. anyhow he fells it and get paids ... well that hat was my stormy nites dream last nite.. I don’t know what yours was..????
  13. All I can say is.He is an..Awesome looking dog.. I’m sure he will serve you well...
  14. Was it like this or like this...
  15. ???? how good is right can ye knock one off boyo..


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