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  1. Husky’s seem to have a prob when hot and starting, I think it’s down to the heat getting to the carb and vapourising the fuel. That said I’ve read some are a bit more prone to it than others. one other thing I’ve seen before, where it was the spark plug (not a husky). When Cold it would start and run fine. Switch it off and a few mins later, it would not start until it had cooled enough. this prob was cured by changing the spark plug,, I guess while running the flywheel cooled the cylinder and plug. But when it was stopped the heat must have changed the resistance of the plug enough for it to not spark under compression, I say this because if you took it out it sparked ok. i'm sure someone else will post more info of what other things it could be.
  2. Yes it was in the news 2 days ago, someone getting lost. And here Three-words 'map' used in rescue WWW.BBC.CO.UK How three words - "weekend", "foggy" and "earphones" - rescued a mother and child after a car crash. Edit, and peeps in 3rd world countries, that have no postcode are using it Giving everyone an address WWW.BBC.CO.UK About four billion people worldwide live in places that have no proper address, but a UK-based small...
  3. A quick call / email to the manufacturer would give you the answer.. there should be a batch no it could be a special colour for someone, most companies over run while producing so they meet the quote and quality. although also while making the plugs (plastic injection ) it could have been the end of a colour so they used another colour...
  4. I think you will find there is a 4x4 berlingo type thing, although it my only be available in France, ie lefty hand drive edit... cream yourself over this..
  5. Like others say, you have to move the Asender up so the cam opens up and you then can continue to open the cam. Or put it another way, open the cam as you move the asender up, so always have room to move it up to open the cam. if that’s what your asking
  6. Impulse ? Or carb ...
  7. See if you can find your chain here.. https://www.chainsawbars.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/chain-info.pdf sq grind is like the pic I posted, but you can still file it with round file, it ends up less aggressive cutting , but still faster than semi chisel , the round filing is easy and quicker to maintain..than square filing.
  8. Do you mean like this race chain🙈 With a file like one of these..
  9. Take a pic of the chain
  10. Who was it and where “downsouth” just asking.. for a friend😉
  11. I guess that’s a Q you should ask a LOLER person..🤔😉
  12. I guess just Driving it in the yard or out of the yard first time..
  13. Funny you say that, I spoke to a friend I had not seen in ages... he said he had two cube of ballast put on his twin axle trailer, goes home and it rains that night anyhow has to go back into yard in the morn as he’d forgot some stuff. Anyhow still a bit sleepy, goes into builders yard as if he did not have a trailer on over the speed bumps and loses the rear axle of the trailer. So has to get the ballast unloaded that he got the day before. thats how it was told to me,, and I was shown a pic, wish I’d got him to send it on, it was so funny..
  14. Sweet...🤓 when are you going to show us the front view,😝😝😝


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