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  1. I contacted Meindl and here is what they replied regarding terrain categories: Dear Artto, thanks for your enquiry. This informations you can’t find on our website because the models are special productions. We do produce them for a special customer… Meindl Woodwalker S3 / Pro are both like Cat. B Meindl Air Stream / Rock are both like Cat. B/C You’re welcome Best regards from German
  2. Thanks Steve, I will have a look if I can find the right page
  3. One more question, gents, If i may ask: Do you know, by ever chance, what Meindl terrain categories do Airstream / Woodwalker Pro belong to? https://meindl.de/service/type-of-use/?lang=en#1 Sorry for many questions, I try to help on my side when ever I can do it..
  4. Hi Woody Paul thanks for sharing your experience - do you remember if yours are of model Woodwalker S3 or Woodwalker Pro? thanks, Artto
  5. Thank you guys, So the consensus seems to be Airstreams / Woodwalkers are fairly ok for walking / hiking although not optimal choice due to weight - protection obviously mean more weight, I guess so if I want protection I need to pay the price as a heavier boot.. I'd better check the weight comparison between Airstreams / Woodwalkers, though
  6. Yes, ground work + hiking / walking. So is Meindl Airstream therefore what you would recommend in my case? or something else? Thank you very much for your help!
  7. Hi Joe and others I just signed up to this forum, hello from Finland! I know this is an old thread but anyways: I too hope to find chainsaw boots suitable for hiking, too So if comparing Stein Werewolves to Meindl Airstream do you find, by your experience, that Stein Werewolwes are more comfortable for hiking? The terrain I most hike & walk is forest or hills, not really rocks or mountain..therefore, I think the sole could have at least some flex ability..if possible Further, I do not climb in trees I appreciate any help as this the first time I'm on the market for chainsaw boots. Thanks, Artto


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