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  1. Fully Qualified climbing arborist with 5 years experience seeking sponsorship in Australia! (From UK). I have done 2 years in aus already climbing around the country and decided that it is my goal to settle down there. I understand that companies want to put you on a trial period before committing to sponsor you. I have references around the country to back up my skills. If there is anyone out there looking seeking a long term employee then please message me on here or email me and I can provide more details of my self .([email protected]). Or if anyone can point me in the right direction than that would be a great help. Currently working in NZ. Cheers Tim
  2. Hello everyone. I'm heading out to New Zealand in January to start my working holiday visa. I have noticed there is a lot of companies who undertake utility work but ask for no utility tickets? I've been in touch with a few of these employers and they must know I don't have these tickets (from my CV). I have no problem doing this kind of work. Does anyone have any experience working out there ? If so, what kind of work eg trimming, taking down, big or small trees etc. Does anyone have any contacts for work? Preferably want to be anywhere north of Auckland. I prefer warmer climate and understand working regional can help migrate permanently. 22 years old Britsh 4 years experience Cheers!
  3. Hello everyone. I have decided to try and emigrate to Australia but deciding which is the best process. I have been offered it with a company in Perth but he is only small. I have heard stories of people being sponsored only being let down by their employer because there isn't enough work or the employer is an a**hole etc. Has anyone gone through the process of being sponsored or came on a skilled Visa. Looking for pros and cons for the 2. Been working in aus for the past 2 years just on a working holiday. Cheers tim
  4. I'm 21 and been out here for a year and a half now. You can find work quite easily and it's a great working with Aussies. Tough in the heat and they work you hard.


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