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    Cause for optimism indeed. Prince Charles is by all account a very fit and healthy 71 year old. general health being more important than age certainly makes sense.
  2. Gimlet


    Spoke to my brother yesterday (lives near Chipping Norton). His wife is a nurse. She has been posted onto C19 wards so she's now working exclusively with corona patients and the word from the front line is, if you're old or you've got underlying health problems, you're done for. However, the hospital records are not distinguishing between those patients who die of C19 and those who die with it and flu statistics have disappeared off the map so the picture is far from clear..
  3. If it can't photosynthesise it can't survive. Even ground elder gives up if you put it under enough pressure.
  4. Gimlet

    The Cooking Thread

    Yep wild garlic is wonderful stuff. I picked a massive bag last week and I've been using it lots. keeps well too. Better get another bag this week. The flowers are coming out now. I love chucking them over a salad. Looks nice and they've got a softer sweeter taste. Been living on wild salads of garlic leaves, bramble tips, primrose leaves and flowers and hawthorn tips. Looking forward to Jack-in-the-hedge, dandelion and beech leaves coming out.
  5. Gimlet

    The Cooking Thread

    Wild garlic. Thanks for reminding me. A big handful is due to go in the casserole.
  6. Gimlet

    The Cooking Thread

    Not on the plate yet but a casserole of filleted roe neck and butter beans cooked in stock and beer is bubbling away. Some of it will be going into tomorrow's lunch bag food flask.
  7. Knocking it over in the autumn before it starts to wither and ideally just in time for the first frosts really knocks it back. Bruising and crushing and breaking is more effective than clean cutting.
  8. I'd get it going and use it.. Proper lawnmower.
  9. If a rat eats enough granola eventually its teeth will fall out and it will die of diabetes. If I get rats they will be eating Jordans natural muesli with no added salt and sugar. They could become super rats. I must be careful.
  10. I'm working. Clearing bramble in a peaceful valley nowhere near anybody. On my own in the sunshine all day in a beautiful place. I intend to make the most of it while I can. All the more so since it's a mile up the road and I wrote my car off in an off-road accident last week. Not worth claiming and no money to replace it so a financial nuclear winter is on the way.
  11. Did a first cut of moss yesterday.
  12. I reckon if I get the job I'm just going to cut them in May. I'll have to strim the grass around the tree every month through the growing season anyway so why not just strim off any leaf growth that regrows from the sucker stubs at the same time? That should keep them cropped indefinitely.
  13. No it's not pollarded. Full crown.
  14. I did wonder about that. It's bad enough now. I don't want to make it worse. If I get the work it won't start til the 1st of May. Probably too late by then. It's a three year contract though so I'll do it at the end of October.
  15. Good point. Too busy a location for birds I would have thought, but I'll check before proceeding.
  16. BTW, I did do a search and found an old thread on epicormic lime growth but there was no mention of when to cut or whether removing very large clumps in one go is advisable.
  17. I've just tendered for a garden maintenance contract that includes a grassy island in a village street with a large mature lime tree in the middle of it. The tree is 30 - 40 feet high and a good two feet thick. Around the base there's a forest of suckers. They form a clump about seven feet wide and they're up to five feet tall. The previous contractor used to cut the grass but did nothing to tend tree. The grassy island is getting obliterated by suckers. I grew up in the area and know that in the past the suckers were kept cropped. A woody mound was formed which people used sit on in the shade of the tree. It made an attractive feature and the tree was something of a focal point. When would be the best time to cut these suckers? The contract starts at the beginning of May. Can I cut them in the growing season? Will that harm the tree or make the growth worse, or should they be cut in winter?
  18. This one was a pain. Restoration job. Roadside hazel hedge, massively overstood. Very congested stools, stems about 20 feet high and all tangled up in the overhead power lines. Roadside ones were bowing outwards a mile and arching right across the road. Some of the really bow-legged ones were a real pig to get down without twisting off, hence a few bracing crooks. Looked like it was once a double comb hedge but the inner comb was all but gone, full of dead wood and elder so not layable. The whole lot was smothered with ivy. Cut out the remains of the inner comb, cleaned out, planted up the gaps with hazel whips and this is what was left. Made for quite a heavy, knuckly hedge but it's a good barrier that gives the owner's garden much more privacy and it should regrow well.
  19. Probably because it spits really badly and green elder can explode throwing burning logs out onto the hearth. If it burns your house down that is pretty unlucky.
  20. Yes. Elder is a tree of mythical powers. Don't piss it off, it knows where you live.
  21. Too rich for me unfortunately. I'm minded to give the Atco a go.
  22. There would have to be a rapid and massive death toll - ie. billions dead within months - to make a positive and lasting impact on human over-population and arrest man-made damage to the planet. A few million will make no difference whatever and tens of millions, even hundreds, would make things worse because that would still leave more people than the planet can naturally sustain but living in a state of deep economic depression and in many parts of the world complete economic collapse which would severely restrict or disable the political and technological infrastructure and the supply lines that today's heavily populated societies need to function. Failed states are rarely environmentally sustainable. A failed planet would be catastrophic for the environment.
  23. They never adopted a containment strategy as far as I can see, they just talked about it. If you wish to contain an infection surely you don't invite it in with open borders and completely unchecked and uncontrolled travel to and from other infected parts of the world.


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