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  1. I will be asking them to act. The tree has since died.
  2. Norway is also the world's richest country per capita. It has vast oil wealth and a tiny population. It isn't difficult to have well functioning public services under those circumstances.
  3. It's the same where I cut my hazel. 80% of the woodland is ash and there's not a single one that isn't showing signs of die-back. At this time of year you can stand back and clearly see the proportion of ash and without them it won't be a wood any more, just scrub land. Unfortunately the owners of the woodlands have no management plan, other than to fill the place with pheasants and keep enough rides open to ride their horses. They aren't felling or thinning and I doubt they'll even bother to make use of fallen ash. It'll just be left to rot.
  4. But not too deep or they could come up blind. Easy to overdo it with an auger I'd have thought. What about slot planting them using a narrow drainage shovel?
  5. Assuming the "personal reasons" were just a cover story, it's a great shame Davison allowed her personal dislike of Boris Johnson and her refusal to accept the Brexit result to obscure the bigger picture. Democracy always throws up results you don't like, but Johnson was elected leader democratically and Brexit was a national decision made with a clear democratic mandate. You have to accept what democracy gives you and work with it, not throw your toys out of the pram. Whether you like him or the leave result, Johnson's election to the Tory leadership is not remotely equivalent to the hard left annexation of the Labour party by Corbyn/McDonnel and the extreme Momentum faction. She should have stayed, argued her case and stayed in the debate. Flouncing is just a gift for your opponents and leaves Scottish conservatives abandoned.
  6. I suspect that's precisely why he will not vote for socialism. Like a lot of us, he's no doubt lived through it and knows it takes generations to repair the damage. The only people who benefit from socialism are the cabal that control it and rich virtue signalers. They get the warm fuzzy from pretending to give a fuck while using their wealth to get themselves the hell away from the fallout zone. Everyone else disappears into the black hole of lost chances and wasted lives.
  7. If Corbyn becomes PM I'll move to Scotland and help push the vote for independence. Seriously. Even the poison dwarf won't be as bad as Grandpa Stalin and his virulent strain of jew hate and economic destruction.
  8. Precisely my thinking. The area in question is a narrow strip of hazel coppice in the floor of a steep, partially wooded chalk grassland valley. Effectively the strip at the bottom is a drain for the whole valley so for most of the year it is damp and boggy. The hazel has clearly been coppiced in the past. There aren't as many stools on the ground as there would be with productive coppice because some have died and collapsed or been crowded out by rogue species leaving gaps, but it's dense enough, given how overstood it's become, to ensure an uninterrupted leaf canopy in summer. Consequently no grass grows. There are bluebells in spring but then nettles, docks and dog mercury take over - not exactly pasture. There is thick bramble cover on the outer edge of the hazel strip, where the grassland meets the trees and NE have demanded that this is removed, their thinking being this will allow deer and livestock to wander under the canopy and graze the nettles, docks and dog mercury away and allow grass and wild flowers to become established - on what is in effect a sunless forest flower throughout the growing season. It's utter nonsense. The only way to encourage light-loving flower and grass species is to regularly coppice the hazel and let in the sunlight, but they won't have it. With their approach it's just going to turn into a dingy bog of moss-covered dead trees, emphatically not dormouse habitat.
  9. Can you please tell that to natural England. I have use of a modest strip of overstood hazel coppice on a SSSI. They won't let me cut and regenerate because they think it should "mature" to become wood pasture (whatever that is) and coppicing would destroy dormouse habitat. I've tried telling them that neglected hazel will only live about 80 or 90 years whereas a regularly coppiced stool can live for 300 and more but they won't have it. They won't even let me layer stems to replace those stools that are already dying of old age.
  10. Nice to know there's one left somewhere. I've always felt robbed that I never got to see a landscape with elms in it. I guess future generations are going to feel the same about the ash..
  11. Clear and frosty here this morning in North Dorset. Forecast shows the band of rain just missing us today. Weighing up whether to try and burn a few of the twenty or so brush fires I've got banked up waiting to go.


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