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  1. He makes it look very easy. I suspect it may not be....
  2. I don't know how they're going to make it work. You can already watch anything via BBC i-player without registering or being a license holder. It's hard to see how they can disentangle all the BBC's tentacles and make it pay as you go. Does that mean all BBC television output will move to satellite? If it does and you're not a subscriber they will presumably encrypt i-player so only subscribers can unlock it with a PIN. But what if you watch it on someone else's device? With the multitude of ways available to access online content it will be next impossible to police. And what if you only listen to BBC radio in the car? How will they charge for that? It's going to be nightmarishly difficult and will take many years. Just scrapping the license fee at a stroke and turning the BBC into a commercial broadcaster overnight won't be possible. The trouble is the BBC has grown far to big and too complex and far to politicised and there's been massive mission creep from its original function as a public service broadcaster. It's without question unfit for purpose and to levy a polltax on everyone owning TV receiving equipment to fund an unaccountable and intensely political and propagandist organisation whether or not they watch its output or support its world view is a democratic outrage. But reforming the whole BBC empire so that we are left with anything workable or worth paying for without dismantling it completely and starting again will be extraordinarily difficult. And the entire civil service and almost every public body in the country will have to reformed at the same time because the BBC is just one strand of the unelected liberal technocrat web.
  3. As a hedge layer I hate the things. Apart from the hassle of disposal you've got to laboriously unwind each one before you can start cutting. The so-called UV-degradable ones are nothing of the sort. I'm removing those from a hedge that was planted 15 years ago. Every one is still very much intact, just brittle, making it even harder to remove in one piece. They also encourage rot and fungal infections with certain species, particularly crab apple, and they inhibit base growth.
  4. What loopholes, specifically? There is no such thing as tax avoidance; it's called financial planning. Who in their right mind volunteers to pay more than the legal minimum? Why not just pay your entire income to the state and live on a universal dole returned to you by the government? It's a system that has been tested to destruction with monotonous repetition over the last hundred years and we can see for ourselves it has worked brilliantly everywhere it's been tried. Embrace the people's revolution and do away with elections, choice, free will, aspiration, personal responsibility, privacy, private property, hope and all the other evils that have caused all the trouble in human history.
  5. Some Christmas reading for Mary Doll Kranky. I hope she studies it carefully: Choose Your Poison: The SNP’s Currency Headache WWW.THESE-ISLANDS.CO.UK In an important new paper, Sam Taylor explains how the SNP’s currency proposals overlook Scotland’s balance of payments...
  6. The dominoes might have started to fall already: Brussels chaos: Spain follows Poland by threatening to quit EU over shock ECJ ruling | World | News | Express.co.uk WWW.EXPRESS.CO.UK THERE is mounting pressure in Spain for right-wing parties to back a Brexit-style departure from the EU, following...
  7. Local Morrisons were selling Dragon Legend at £22, usually £34. Penderyn - The Dragon Collection, Legend, Myth & Celt, bottled at 41% abv PENDERYN.WALES Presenting the 'Dragon Collection' range of 41% whiskies: Legend, Myth and Celt, each with an unforgettable taste and... Gave it a try and it's really very decent. Light bodied with a citrusy tone and fairly dry, but tasty, clean and very smooth. Highly quaffable over the festering season. Well worth a go, especially at that price. Happy Christmas.
  8. You were in Winterborne Houghton last week weren't you? You could hire one from Sap Hire in Blandford: Dorset Chipper Hire - Specialist Arb and Plant Hire SAP-HIRE.CO.UK Dorset Chipper Hire | We offer a wide range of Arb Hire equipment throughout Dorset. MEWP, Stump Grinders... Or maybe not... Just seen it's for an hour's work.
  9. Trouble is Andy, it's the squeaky wheel that gets the oil. The SNP's squeaking drowns everything else out in Scottish politics.
  10. It's taught them that their approved liberal left metropolitan mindset is not in any way representative of wider society. I don't imagine for one minute though that it will encourage them to become more representative. They'll just fight all the harder to re-educate the plebeian masses.
  11. It's taught the BBC a lesson. Laura Kuenssberg and Emily Maitlis are traumatised. I love watching the appalled disbelief on their angry little faces.
  12. We've endured 10 years of hung parliaments, coalitions and minority government and the result was petulant gridlocked misery with the electorate completely excluded from the process as competing egos and vested interests jockeyed for position and leadership, vision and firm government went to the wall. It produced plenty of dumb designed-by-committee legislation that did more harm than good, but achieved absolutely nothing of any positive value whatsoever, just wasted a decade of everyone's lives. The idea of being stuck in that seventh circle of Hell in perpetuity does not appeal at all. And the government wasn't elected by a minority. That is pure sophistry. No one votes for a coalition in democratic elections. The losing parties are not a single entity. If they were they would have stood as one. Lumping them together after the event to try and contrive a counterfeit loser's majority for something that wasn't on the ballot paper in the first place is a nonsense and insults the intelligence of the electorate.
  13. Congratulations Democrats. You've just won Trump his second term.


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