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  1. Gimlet

    Splitting kindling

    Probably alright for pallet wood. The hazel sticks can be quite tough though, especially the knotty ones.
  2. Gimlet

    Splitting kindling

    You can still buy new ones but they're about £130. The design doesn't look to have changed and I bet the blade steel quality isn't as good as yours.
  3. Gimlet

    Any new small charcoal retorts out there?

    Makes sense. I'll be chainsawing either way.
  4. Gimlet

    Any new small charcoal retorts out there?

    No worries. Thanks for that. Another thought has occurred to me since - and apologies if this has maybe been covered elsewhere in the thread but I'm in and out so haven't time to look - and that is, what length of wood can the retort take. All my wood is in cords, average probably between four and five foot long, most of it 6" think or less. If I bought a 5' ring kiln (or even a 6'), to load it tightly I'd have to cut each cord into at least three bits, more for the centre. That's quite a lot of extra work. Leaving the cords longer and feeding them in lengthways could be a significant saving in time and labour.
  5. Gimlet

    Any new small charcoal retorts out there?

    Accepting you're still refining it, any idea, very roughly, of likely production costs when building from plans?
  6. Gimlet

    Any new small charcoal retorts out there?

    Reckon you'll be ready to flog it before the autumn?
  7. Gimlet

    Any new small charcoal retorts out there?

    I reckon I need at the absolute minimum a capacity equivalent to a 5' ring kiln to make it worthwhile. Ideally two of them working in rotation. I'm tempted to go the small retort route but I wonder whether the volume would make it feasible. My trouble is doing the whole thing on my own and stacking and unloading a ring kiln is going to require some ingenuity. To say nothing about setting the thing up in the woods in the first place.
  8. Gimlet

    Splitting kindling

    Always strikes me that the handle is the wrong angle on those things. If it swept upwards rather than straight or slightly downwards it would offer better leverage and a more natural position. Let us know how it works though. Cheap enough solution.
  9. Gimlet

    Charcoal burning PLI

    Charcoal burners, who do you use for public liability insurance? Looking to start production towards the end of the summer. It's in private woodland that is used by the public. My current insurance doesn't cover burning.
  10. Gimlet

    Best low budget 4WD tractor

    Noticed a few 3050s at around 6000 hrs. Was wondering whether 6K was big bill time.
  11. Gimlet

    Best low budget 4WD tractor

    Yes it did seem a bit too much of a bargain. Then again there's another further down with 2500 hrs on it. Either way, above 10K it looks like you're into machines with some decent life left in them. Famous last words....
  12. Gimlet

    Best low budget 4WD tractor

    15 grand seems to be a realistic budget. Some nice New Hollands coming in at that price. Under 2000 hrs and less than 15 K looks a better equation. A 15K tractor that can get on and work immediately is better than a 7K one standing idles while having the same spent on it again: https://www.agriaffaires.co.uk/advertisements/results/1.html?t=1554833568
  13. Gimlet

    Best low budget 4WD tractor

    25K isn't going to happen. 10K would take some creative accounting. A lad up the road has had a 4WD Case for years which he uses every day with a fair amount of road work and he's a mechanical moron, so other people seem to find them. Any particular makes that are better or worse than others - ie expensive for parts/servicing - or is it really just down to condition, service history and availability of local parts/service back up?
  14. Gimlet

    Best low budget 4WD tractor

    What sort of budget would you recommend? Not looking at this one particularly but how does this seem: https://www.agriculturaltrader.co.uk/listing/21362
  15. Gimlet

    Best low budget 4WD tractor

    Thanks. Yes, I will definitely take someone knowledgeable along. Buying a lemon could finish me. I have two brothers both in farming and I know a few people in the agri machinery business. Another thing. How do I determine what towing weight a particular model can handle and pull legally on the road?


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