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  1. We had one Husq saw with ongoing oil issue, we replaced oil pump, cleared out all the tubing from pump to bar and turned out it was the Worm Wheel, which costs a couple pounds ! Might not be the same for you but worth mentioning .. https://www.ransomspares.co.uk/parts/chainsaws/husqvarna/worm-wheel/725110.htm?gclid=Cj0KCQjwuLPnBRDjARIsACDzGL2-weDmn-PLeX6keAdCOKtMWE3bGC-U1kmaiOYAgZUKigkS5hZ3qsYaAm4uEALw_wcB
  2. Arb Pro Software allows users to undertake risk assessment on iPad/iphone at quote stage and work stage. Allowing the user to undertake a pre-assessment of the risks and then again on the day of work by the tree team. All staff on site can digitally sign the risker on iPad/iphone. Users can also duplicate and create a new risk assessment if that is necessary/required.... Risk assessment is also customisable and users can build their own set of risks for consideration. Arb Pro provides users with a paperless system from first enquiry through to invoice, with a quoting app, app for work and office version for general management.. Added a couple screen shots, don't forget this is just an example as users can build their own set of risk considerations and detail their own generics to reference control measures.
  3. Hi John, Wow nearly 5 years how time flys! Glad you are still enjoying it and theres more great stuff to come! New versions out this week, hopefully Friday !
  4. Glad you are still enjoying the software Ian, we have a new Desktop and Quoting app out this week, will email all users as normal when its released and summarise all the new features on both desktop and app..
  5. Hi Carlos, taking multiple pictures from different angles and marked up to emphasise work, really does help. I think most, if not all contractors in business have learned the hard way, to be specific as possible when writing a specification of works! As you say "Prune Back" is one example where the contractor will on occasion fall into avoidable client disputes!
  6. Drawing combined with spec, thats is as clear is it gets and client knows what they can expect ! Great example...
  7. Hi Ben, You can look at street view from within our mapping app, no need to navigate away! the google map loads from with the quoting window...
  8. Hi Khriss For our purpose Google works just great.... I take your point from a surveying point of view where someone else might be looking for a tree mapped in the past. For our purpose the client calls to work on a tree that exists, we map the tree on site and send the quote the same day, then hopefully we return to work on the same tree..
  9. Hi Mick, this is great and the same again, we do this too on the app whilst on site .. heres an example of a map with two trees mapped.
  10. Exactly my point, looks great ! and how could your client not understand what you are proposing with that picture ! Our users use a finger to draw straight on the picture, its really useful and when you have 5 or more trees to do, its very quick and easy ! Great to see how other people are doing it, thanks for sharing ..
  11. Hi Ben - You can also have a free demo of the Desktop and the apps syncing and working with the desktop. Im not interested in pressure sales, if you want to see the software with no obligation whatsoever, get in touch and we will arrange a demo for you. We will just screen share and chat over the phone so no need to leave your office or for me to come to you...
  12. Hi Ben - Do you mean we should add the fact that people can download and try the app for free to our FAQ's ?
  13. Hi Khriss, With our photo editing there is more than just drawing a line, the user can undo, rub out, use different colours etc. You can download our app for free from the app store and use in demo mode, give it a try !
  14. I guess the main point here is the use of pictures really does help illustrate the prescribed works regardless of method. The point I was making in relation to our app, is ease of use. A user takes a photo using their camera and illustrates the photo there and then, often whilst stood with the customer to help explain expectations. Then with a few clicks they send the quote to the client, whilst still on site and includes annotated photos, a site plan, and other attachments such as T&C's, insurance, risker etc. On top of that the client has access to all this data online and they can receive the quote by email whilst you are still onsite.. We are not trying to re-invent the wheel here, just using modern technology to help our users improve efficiency and save time spent quoting for work..


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