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  1. TMac

    Are there any other women out there?

    My girl swings a saw. She grew up in the wild. Could dismantel an engine aged 12. She's no ticketed, but she'd put the average boy to shame. She can run a band saw & still flick heels on for the local bar like a slinky malinky. More power to ye girls.
  2. TMac

    Chainsaw boots n trousers needed

    Stay away from Arbtek lately. Do you need boots for swinging a home saw off ebay or getting in a bar fight proffesionally? You could blow 200 on boots ye don't need easily. Saw Wellies from Husq are a start.
  3. Western Hemlock make good hedge if you tame them man, retro tie them & contain the ball
  4. Fell it. The stump in the background tells the story alone. Border hedge the line in reverse if hedging suits you, drill the stumps, Eco plug it, & walk away. No being a dick, but that spar was executed by an idiot. Clean the line.
  5. TMac

    Welcome new members

    Hi lads, & ladies, long time lurker. I started my intro with a tiny rant on another thread, but thought I'd better do the intro thread also. Not good at talking about myself. Have a tiny bar, well oiled...oh wait, this isn't ArbDate
  6. TMac

    Shame on you

    Just shared this with my groundie. Even he ranted. There is absolutely no need for that sort of butchery. It also leaves the cambiums open to disease ingress. If it doesn't die it potentially goes into epicormic meltdown. They basically turned a tree into a widow maker...something they were trying to avoid from what I can make of it. It gives the rest of us a bad name. They used zero enviromental sensitivity...don't get me started on cuts...all of it. Hi from Scotland by the way. Started on a rant as an intro
  7. TMac

    Shame on you

    Exactly what is it that the local authority, is an authority on? Remind me...


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