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  1. Amelanchier https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=amelanchier&prmd=isnv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjDhMS3ws3hAhU0sXEKHQt8CREQ_AUIEigB&biw=320&bih=4
  2. https://www.green-tech.co.uk/weed-killer-and-pesticides/adjuvants-and-marking-agent/wiltpruf-s600-anti-transpirant-spray
  3. Hi Reg how did this job finish up ? Hope it all went well, and worked out profit wise.
  4. I ‘m out of touch, but would like to contribute a few useful points ! Firstly you will need a felling license or copy of. secoundly I’d advice coming at it from the opposite direction! Work out ‘all’ of your costs and overheads work out what realistic profit you should be ‘entitled ‘ to. Hold ya head high and don’t budge an inch. It’s real tough out there! Gen speaking farmers /land agents won’t have your interest at heart, unless you have built up a good long term relationship. so- the answer to the question should come from your personal situation. Hope this helps and keep in touch with us ! photo’s ? plus it’s the how long is a piece of string thing! Access travel distance, detailed contract what you will or not be doing re clear up ect. Good luck !!
  5. Good luck and stay safe !
  6. Thanks Reg, Reminded me of a job I did- - 260 dead Elms bark dropped of half of them so pretty far gone, growing out of the top of a small cliff top ! a lot had grown a u shape saddle before growing upwards. I had to get out there make front n back cuts get the hell out. Before winching. We learn a hell of a lot from jobs like those. Even to watch the video gives people a chance to figure out the risks. Is the job finished?
  7. Brill vid Reg ! Have you finished that job ? It looks a marathon not a sprint. It’s hard to rely on adrenaline for a long time like that. Body language say’s your enjoying the challenge and enjoy having the skill to do that job. That first tree drop, a biggish secound tree came with it, was that one planned or a surprise ? Ther the classic ones that can catch us out , if we’re not fully alert to surroundings. It only takes one in a thousand ! Or one stray branch from up high.
  8. Send us a few photos along the way ! Thanks Beech hedges are lovely but there’s rather a lot about ( we go a bit blind to them). Hornbeam are slightly more up market and will show a similar colour to Oak in autumn ! Also double staggered planting would be much better than a single row ! Good luck ! you’l get a very very posh hedge. And add value to your property!!
  9. That’s a whole different ball game working on those steep slopes, especially On cliff edge like that ! You must of needed rope and harness even when on the ground some times ?
  10. Yes an Oak hedge works fine. the dead autumn leafs stay on the branches all winter forming a nice screen, just as they do with a beech hedge. Give it an ‘A’ shaped profile and it will look stunning! (No gappy bottom)
  11. I’m out of touch ! But that’s very very sad news. What happened to Henry Venables in Stafford ? The burr alone looks absalutly stunning !
  12. That has got to be a veneer log if ever I saw one ! Don’t rush into enything it’l be worth a mint.


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