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  1. Mark2

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    Wow you must be really proud of that ! You mate can walk with ya head held high. can I ask your age ? I would like to think, that you will see that grow to maturity! No matter if not your kids and grand kids will. How many do you think you personaly planted ?
  2. Mark2

    january flowers

  3. I’d guess cedar ! Dose it smell nice ?
  4. Mark2

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    Westphalian i’d be interested on your general view from your neck of the woods. Is there much new planting of hardwood comercal woodland ? FC, Private or the big comercal forestry companys ?
  5. Mark2

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    Tree planting ! I know it’s Easyer said than done,not least when we struggle to make a living. but the part of woodland that can be used for firewood production ( thinning’s ect) are a crop. If we don’t plant it we can’t havest it ! we live in a very short term world these day, few plan 20 years ahead ! We must and can, if I had my time again, as a buseness knowing what I know now —- I’d aim to make big money growing and planting trees. Along with selling logs, a good sales line, in my teens I planted a lot of trees, at 65 now I can see those same trees 70 or more foot tall, the trees we cut now, someone had the forthought to plant before us.
  6. Mark2

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    Moving this debate on —- beyond doubt ! With the increased use of wood burners and resulting demand for firewood timber. We should really be pushing a campaign for ‘new woodland’ planting not least as we now have Ash die back. Like Elm disease there will be a glut then a shortage. If as an industry we use more timber than we grow we’ll be part of the problem ! if we grow more than we use, we’re the salution. There can be no argument about this point within the present environmental debate ! beyond doubt energy sources will be stretched ours is the cleanest.
  7. Mark2

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    Yep that was around about the time I started getting trolled ! but on the new members sub forum, I was warned ‘’ i’d need a stab proof jacket and a tetanus jab’’ at the time I took it as a joke ! Now I can see it was a threat ! well I don’t step back from threats I push back! this is 3-4 sub forums that have been trashed by a hand full of thugs.including the intelligent and productive discussion on this thread !
  8. Mark2

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    Trigger works on an oil rig ! no really !
  9. Mark2

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    I ‘m sure we’re on the right track suspecting dirty tricks here ! Not least becouse of the timing ! On the very day we were all focused on the Brixit vote ! What they call burying bad/suspect news ! my fear is they will ratchet up the negative false perception within the public against our enviromently benifical firewood industry ! we should counter this by spreading the truth (as discussed here)
  10. Mark2

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    chessa lovely info there ! to add- - - we need to bare in mind that when a tree is growing, it takes carbon out of the atmosphere ! That’s good (carbon sink) but we need to remember that when it dies- in the woods it then releases the carbon some into the soil, some into the atmosphere. So if we burn logs or let them rot, it’s a neutral balence ! i say again these proposed restrictions are just a ploy. Burdening our green sustainable cottage industry in order to maximise profits for the very pulluting mineral oil industry and there share holders. At the expense of planet earth. The carbon they realise is not recycled as ours is. The pulluter should pay not us !
  11. Mark2

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    CharlgraveSteve exuse me but firewood is sustainable! It takes maybe 20 years or more to grow logs . compared to 10’s of millions of years to produce the fuel in your car or holiday plain !!! Clamp down on those before firewood ! Not likely i know ! Not sustainable! Just plant a lot more trees ! Win win win, look at the jobs created. oops I know you got shares in energy and oil company’s ! Right got it .
  12. Mark2

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    The firewood industry gives value to our woodlands just like mobile mills. Encouraging people to plant woodland ! that is a double environmental benifit, to our countryside and country! what % of Britain is woodland compared to Europe? I used to know this, but have forgotten !
  13. Mark2

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    The truth is the firewood industry is beginning to have a major impact on the major capitalist energy supplyers ! fire wood is a sustainable energy supply !! not burning fossil fuels trapped in the ground for millions of years ! this is —- profit motive over environment !!!
  14. Mark2

    Fruit trees and orchards

    A lot of people like a Mediterranean style small garden design ! With a view to have long summer nights. Picture the scene—- soft Italian music, a spread of Italian food and wine good family, friends lovers, ! so paint all your garden walls with A heavy white lime wash, to reflect light and heat for med fruit ! Grape vine on a pergola, fan trained cherry’s figs, olive tree in a giant terracotta pot, ditto citrus lime tree ! Grow ya courgette, tomato and pepper’s small water feature with fountain. Ahh mid Jan and cold ! But we can dream of those sunny days to come !
  15. I ‘v always said — I look after nature and nature looks after me ! how about growing and selling young trees ? To graft and grow young named variety fruit trees for sale at markets, boot sales ect, is very worthwhile financially and very rewarding creatively, chatting over a stall you make very good contacts. tree seed harvesting and a nursery bed of ornamental ect ect is good, hedging plants are a big market 20 at a time. If you make a million at it don’t forget me !!


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