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  1. Having trouble with an ms 200t. Will run for a while and then just not start up. Have narrowed it down to a spark problem. Changed the plug so that’s all good but think it’s a problem with the wire leading to the spark plug. I have cleaned up the connection at the spark plug end of the wire several times and put it back together, the saw will then run great for a while but then the same problem will start again. I think it must be a loose connection. Is frustrating because I think I’ve solved it but it all starts again! Has anyone had trouble with this before? Any tips for a longer lasting fix? Thanks!
  2. Does anyone on here have the shoulder strap accessory for their Treemotion harness? Just want some opinions. Currently use a separate chest harness. I do like the idea of the shoulder straps attaching to the harness to stop the harness falling down when using a big saw. Is it good for srt? Reviews I’ve read are mixed. Cheers!
  3. Need to get a few parts for a 200t. Looking for a new side cover and chain break, also looking for a carb. Leaning towards getting a genuine carb but genuine chain breaks are (as far as I can see on eBay) nearly double the price. Am I being tight or are the non genuine just as good? Cheers!
  4. Ah brilliant, just unscrewed it, got a spare so will whack that on. Nice one [emoji106]
  5. Hi, Have just been donated a 200t that I wanted to see if I could get working again. The main problem with it, as far as I can tell, is that it won’t switch off. I’ve checked the earth wire in the handle (seemed fine) and then checked the ignition coil wire. The piece of metal coming from the ignition coil that the wire slots into seems to have snapped off. First question; is this the problem? Pretty sure it is but there’s certainly people who know more on here! Second question; if so how hard are they to replace? The wire to the spark plug looks like a right bastard to get through as it runs right through the body of the saw! Not sure if it’s something I want to do. Thirdly; is it a pricey fix? There are a few other things that need doing to it but seems to be running pretty well on the whole so would be nice to have a saw for cheap! Cheers, Mark
  6. Hi, A couple of the companies I work for have shut down for a week next week and I’m looking to fill a couple of days. Mostly work the Manchester area but live in Cheshire. Have also done work for Staffordshire based companies. Have got 9 years experience. Efficient with reductions, rigging/removals etc. Can provide a reference if needed! Cheers, Mark
  7. Most of the time I’d agree but had a lot of space and four ground guys. Just had to make sure the branches didn’t land on a hedge. Could send stuff down in bigger lumps and had the next one tied by the time they’d dragged it round to the chipper.
  8. Yeah I can certainly see that being an issue on smoother branches with few laterals! I did try to tie the hitches in places that had a lateral to stop that. I’ve never used the hubs before. Have wondered what they are like to use. What are they like in terms of adjusting? With the spider leg you can obviously slide the hitch up and down the rope.
  9. It is a lot of tail to work with (obviously you need a long bit of line), bit fiddly when you’ve attached the rope at the tips and are bringing it down to the butt end. I did find though that when you come to doing the minor adjustments between the tips and the butt that it was really idiot proof as you can adjust the half hitches from where your going to make the cut by pulling the line one way or the other. I have used the spider leg set up before and found it a little bit fiddly if I hadn’t got the balance right first time... asking for slack, adjusting the spider leg, tightening up, adjusting the spider leg again etc. Just to add I would normally go for the spider leg set up because that’s what I have been shown. Had to do a bit of improvising this time as I didn’t have anything to use as a spider leg and it worked really well!
  10. It’s just one price of rigging rope. I half hitched the line at the tips, ran the rope down the branch, half hitched the rope at the butt end and then clipped the biner back to the rope using a midline knot. It does use a lot of rope but I’ve found it’s quite nice to adjust the balance once it’s tied as it’s just a continuous triangle of rope.
  11. I know that the spider leg rig or slings are what people use a lot to balance limbs but have been using just the rigging rope quite a bit recently and find it really nice to adjust the balance between the tips butt etc without it being too much of a faff as you can just pull the rope through the half hitches. Would just like to know other people’s views? Pros cons etc? Picture for an example! Cheers!
  12. Could any UK arborists point me in the direction of a travel insurance company that would cover me for work at height in the EU? Just realised I’m not covered by the one I’m with and struggling to find anyone that will insure over 9m! Cheers.
  13. Had this problem happen twice, both times was fuel related. First time it was the fuel line and breather pipe, was an easy/cheap fix. Had it happen again and turned out to be a load of shit in the little mesh filter in the carb. Put a new one on but could have just got a carb kit tbh. Like Essexlogman says I’d try the simple cheap stuff first! Had a shop tell me that it was the carb the first time it happened which then cost me £££s for it not to be sorted!


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