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  1. Will call you tomorrow Saul. I can explain the balloon vs no balloon etc and we can figure out what’s best
  2. I know a lot of the lenders I deal with have a minimum advance of £5k, but I also have plenty that have no minimum. What you might find though is that rather than coming up against minimum advances, your budget will mean you are looking at older vehicles, and then you will struggle to get anyone to lend due to the age of the asset. For cars etc for example a lot will say no older than 10 at end of term. Contract hire was mentioned above, but I would strongly recommend you avoid that, as it’s not as easy to exit as with an HP deal. Also Close Asset Finance mentioned above they have recently tightened up their underwriting so less likely to look at bad credit. Although not sure how bad you’re meaning... Asset finance tends to assess credit a bit differently, so you might be ok. I’m a broker - would be happy to have a chat and look at your options if you like?
  3. Yep, I'm a little biased, and of course I base residual values on what is for sale rather than what I've ever been offered on trade in (I've never bought or traded one in myself). There are clearly flaws with this approach as was pointed out somewhere above because of the way Redwood treat their trade-ins. Residual value comment aside, they're good chippers for a lot of reasons. I think they are more popular up North of the border here which again will affect my perception. Everyone has a brand they like, and for varying reasons. Having never chipped a branch in my life, I like Forst. When it comes to forestry I love Ponsse, even though I've never cut down a tree either... I think this forum is a little bit anti-Forst, perhaps partly because there's no Forst people here and there's TW and a Greenmech dealer, so I guess I just want to fly the flag for a brand I care about. Anyway, it turned out to be totally irrelevant to the conversation here as they are probably in the small chippers bracket currently, but we've all had fun regardless.
  4. Ah ok - 10" I would probably say Bandit also....
  5. Yes, but I'm sure we were talking about 8" machines above somewhere?
  6. Fair enough, I do only really deal with Forst dealers so that will skew my perception of it, however what you mention about trading in a Forst with a Forst dealer, the same could be said about almost every other brand. You will get stronger money on a TW from a TW dealer, Jensen from a Jensen dealer.... Especially TP actually...not sure I know anyone who would take back one of them.
  7. The internet knows everything. I would be surprised if any of the chippers quoted as "sub-750" were actually that when they have a bellyfull of oil and a tankfull of fuel. What the internet or even the operator manuals says won't do you much good when you get waved on to the weighbridge. As someone above has said, just do the test!
  8. I would throw Forst in as an alternative. They are incredibly capable - ST8 if you're wanting tow-behind. If you're buying new, they're amazing in terms of warranty and support. They also hold residual value unlike any other.
  9. Very sketchy use of the word "professional" here...
  10. I've had a shot of the Cast loaders as I know a dealer up here. They're brilliant, and pretty well priced as well I would say.
  11. Stu since you're in sunny Scotland, I know all the dealers who will supply various types of chippers to you. You said "unfortunately" its going on finance - what's so bad about that? Have you had a bad experience somewhere? For the brand of chippers that I know most about, a lot of value is retained in the first few years, and I regularly have the conversation with people that instead of looking at a 2 year old machine, its really not that much extra to get one new. Then you get the 3 years parts and labour warranty, and if bringing it in and then collecting is a problem, then I know the dealer I work with do on-site repairs a lot where appropriate. Might be worth you and I having a chat and I can give you an idea of figures for monthly payments etc?
  12. Mascus is pretty good, and will get a bit of visibility. Can you send me info of all the kit they are looking to sell? I can see if I can match it with buyers. Send me a PM
  13. Would love to see one in action - what are the chances of making that a reality....?
  14. I do love some of the big bandits, especially the Beast range. I think your stand was just at the other side of mine over the back at the expo recently and I must admit I stared quite longingly as some of the machines on it


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