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  1. ForestryFinance

    Where to look for tractors?

    Mascus is good for machinery - I'm not really impartial as I advertise with them for machinery finance. You can sort by location to an extent - well rather you can filter out the ones that aren't in a particular location, but I think the most granular that goes to is just to restrict to ones in the UK. Are you paying cash for whatever tractor you end up with? Most of the more reputable dealers on Mascus will deliver to you if you can get comfortable enough with buying one you've not seen in person...not sure how keen you are on that idea.
  2. ForestryFinance

    Where to look for tractors?

    Mascus would be a good place for that I reckon. Better than eBay and Gumtree certainly, and just on a quick search for Valtra they have a fair few listed at less than £20k.
  3. ForestryFinance

    Need a woodchipper

    £8k for a chipper and trailer would be cheap. Are you paying cash?
  4. ForestryFinance

    Building a shed and a house

    Planning I can't advise on really, although a planning consultant if they are good can be worth their weight in gold. For the funding element, a lot of it depends on what you're really talking about. Are you building a house, and a shed-to-run-the-business-from...or are you building a house-and-a-shed-to-run-the-business-from? If you're looking to live in the house, rather than it being a commercial development then the funding will be a lot more difficult as it would be done via a regulated mortgage such as a self-build mortgage. If the house and the shed are going to be commercial use, then you may be able to fund it with development funding which can be useful as you can get up to 100% of your build costs funded, and then can exit the development facility by putting it on a commercial mortgage which is then a business expense.
  5. ForestryFinance

    Game of Thrones - spoilers alert

    It was a bit too easy as well for "The North" to get independence.....Sansa just suggested it as if she came up with it on the spot, and Falconhoof Wheeler Bran just gave it the nod. I bet Nicola Sturgeon rejoiced when she saw that. She will be sidling up to our next Prime Mister on day 1 and whispering in their ear "Scotland will be an independent nation", and the faintest of nods from the PM she will take that as gospel and run off into the night to dig a trench on the border.
  6. ForestryFinance

    Game of Thrones - spoilers alert

    Haw night king, you're gettin chibbed mate. Arya was supposedly 17/18 at that point apparently...and she was a badass. I thought that was quite good. Would have been smashing if Bran had stood up out of his wheely chair and chibbed him himself though.
  7. ForestryFinance

    Game of Thrones - spoilers alert

    I've made a point of avoiding this thread as when it popped up, I had only just started watching from season 1 for the first time. Never been interested but the wife persuaded me and I got through 8 seasons in about 4 weeks. The downhill slide towards the end of season 8 was incredible, but actually the quality started to drop off gradually through seasons 7 and 8 I think. The Hound is a legend. Wish he didn't have to die. Raging about the character destruction in the last 3 episodes of some great characters - Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, Burner of Toast, Knitter of Jumpers being one of them. But also having brought Jaime from being total kn**head to being quite likeable and a decent guy, he then became a total kn**head again at the end. Probably even more so. Tyrion became less likeable as well. The only one who got better was Sansa, but I liked her from the start really. Why did the series not end with the Night King battle? That was a proper ending. Everything after that felt like tying up loose ends that they had forgotten about.
  8. ForestryFinance

    Compact tractors

    Or Mascus.co.uk would be worth looking at as well.
  9. ForestryFinance

    Isuzu v Mitsubishi

    Buying brand new or used? I've not driven either one but I would say if you're doing a lot of towing, or carrying a lot of weight (which you probably will be), then anything less than a 2L isn't going to cut it...
  10. ForestryFinance

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Not sure if she counts as an "Arb Dog", as I'm just a finance guy in the Arb world...but she certainly comes to the office with me every day and sits in the chair while I speak on the phone to the real grafters.... Please no comments about me having a debt-collector dog!
  11. ForestryFinance

    what's up with swearing?

    But then we wouldn't have had 16 pages of joy
  12. ForestryFinance

    what's up with swearing?

    Oi no swearing 😜
  13. ForestryFinance

    what's up with swearing?

    Well this thread has taken a bit of a turn.....
  14. ForestryFinance

    what's up with swearing?

    Or just shoot us all and get it over with...?
  15. ForestryFinance

    what's up with swearing?

    Indeed we do exist...


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