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  1. I too use the fiskars x27, fantastic bit of kit compared to the mauls, to heavy for a lot of chopping. The x27 is light with super sharp edge, I touch the edge up when finished ready for next time using a sharpening puck. If you guys haven't seen the YouTube video of splitting logs with a tyre, have a look. Great idea and saves walking around picking up the logs or falling over them. I made my own fastened to a stump, so much better 👍
  2. Thanks spud yes they are old now and apparently a nightmare to work on and open up, luckily I don't need to do that yet. I'm always on the look out for a bargain, even something that needs a bit of work will do as long as it's not total trash. A mate of mine has ms200 and is a great little saw, good money as well. I do own an electric makita ground saw which is quite good but no good in the field. What's your go to saw
  3. Thanks spud, I have used it but not heavy and all seemed good. What are the alternatives to the one I’m using apart from having my trousers pulled down buying one from the states. I like to tinker and repair if I can but with limited knowledge, hopefully being on here will help solve that lol. I’ve done YouTube for help but never as good as a chat with someone who knows best. When I’ve done my searches some sites come up with the one I have listing it as 020, are there any alternatives I could use thanks
  4. Thanks for info guys very helpfull. The place I got the clutch from said I could no longer get the old type so gave me the new one, part number is correct spud. It seems from my research that these saws are from the 70s and parts are scarce unless I can find a donor. As I’ve said the saw runs great now I’ve set it up and want to try and keep it original but not at the expense of silly money. USA has lots of spares but expensive with delivery as well. I will keep an eye out and see if one comes on here for spares. If any of the members have one under the bench please let me know. Thanks again for early response much appreciated
  5. Hi spud, have you read my earlier posts regarding my issues as I'm struggling to find any info anywhere else cheers
  6. Hi bill, do you think the nut is on far enough to be ok then
  7. lol I know what you mean wonky, I've looked and looked but I'm not getting the answers from the net for my saw. I think it's classed as vintage now. There are the old type clutches on the bay but theyre silly money and postage as some from USA. By the time I've finished getting the older type clutch I could put the money to another saw but just trying to fix this one first as it's a great little saw
  8. I see what you mean wonky but if I turn it round it sits proud of the housing as the clutch nut makes it proud. I thought the big washer was to keep dirt out of the clutch housing
  9. Ok here are some photos that will hopefully help with my problem. The clutch with no nut is the older original clutch with the material missing and the one with the nut fom the stihl dealer. As you can see from the housing there isn't much room for the securing nut.
  10. Thanks for your fast response. will upload photo later. The guy at the Stihl dealer said the one I have is what they do now, no material on the shoe. I have done endless research and it’s getting harder to find parts for this saw, or I’m looking in the wrong places. Photos will help so will do that later. Thanks everyone
  11. Hi all im new to this site and in need of help please. I can't find any help anywhere and bow to your experience. I own a stihl 020av super, had it for years. It had the old type clutch on with the shoes but one was breaking down so got the newer type from my stihl stockists, they're ok but not much advice. Well the problem I have is the newer clutch has the nut in in the centre to tighten it up where as the old one doesn't. When I put the cover plate on the securing nut doesn't go on as far as the old one. Would this be an issue. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks guys/gals


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