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  1. Isn't it mad that running an overloaded to the max truck is just standard in tree work. Even proper big proper companies - you just have to.
  2. True! Mick you've always got your eye on capacity.
  3. Yeah that's the massive one right? I've used it for a month or something. It's awesome. It's fun, it's proper funny, less raking. Disperses far. It is, like I said, massive.
  4. The 230 is good value. For the money, you get a lot of chipping done, and it's pretty easy to handle.
  5. Got the Echo 8010 or whatever its called. Looked like a photon accelerator, which sold me in the end.
  6. Thanks for the advice. Really appreciate it. Now it's a toss up on Stihl or Echo. I have a soft spot for Stihl, but Echo tools look like such good value. Love battery tools, but for getting that extra efficiency on clean up, I think I'm going to want the power that comes with regular fuel.
  7. I'm feeling that we'll get a more of a efficient tidy up with a fat backpack blower. Question is, is the Stihl BR800 worth all the money? Or should we get the 600? Or what? Some feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. The main point that was clarified for me was both lines do not have to reach the ground. As long as the second attachment point is weight bearing, it can be moved around like a lanyard or secondary rope. Also - it is acceptable to be on only one attachment point as long as you are stationary. To give the arb association some credit, I think these are the comprises they squeezed out of the HSE.
  9. Just saw this pop up as a HB promo. Has anyone used one of these? A decent helmet?
  10. Vinegar works well at getting the rust off, although the semi-shiny finish on a battered vintage tool can look a bit nasty. Evaporust is the best product - it pulls the rust off beautifully. However, get the wire wheel on your grinder or drill and spend a bit of time abrading the rust off and you get an awesome finish - it retains the dark patina. Only good if it isn't too rusty. The best method is electrolysis - it's not as much of a ball ache as it looks. And it costs pretty much nothing to do.
  11. This links to the AA's summary of the CoA findings, and reviews some implications. https://www.trees.org.uk/News-Blog/Latest-News/Witley-Parish-Council-v-Cavanagh-Judgement-and-Imp


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