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  1. Guineafowl

    McCulloch 10-10 spares needed

    I have the fuel cap, but the vent valve is missing so fuel leaks out. Bar side plates. Anyone have one breaking for spares? It’s a Pro-Mac. Cheers
  2. Guineafowl

    McCulloch 10-10 spares needed

    I have the fuel cap but the vent valve seems to be missing, so fuel leaks out. Bar side plates Does anyone have one breaking for spares? It’s a Pro-Mac. Cheers
  3. Guineafowl

    Frontier 5L bar needed

    While looking for a bar for this saw I’ve somehow managed to buy a McCulloch Pro-Mac 10-10. The bar from this one (Oregon 23226) will fit right on the Frontier. However, the Mac is in good nick and is worth using, but it’s missing the two side plates that clamp the bar. Oil pees out when it’s running. Would anyone on here have some spares?
  4. Guineafowl

    Frontier 5L bar needed

    Thanks Shavey. That bar would look perfect on the saw, but I think the oil hole’s too high. Here’s the bar mount again: And the bar fragment on the saw. The elongated hole is for oil. Here, only the bottom half overlaps the oil channel. You’d think a Frontier bar would fit a Frontier saw, wouldn’t you?!
  5. Guineafowl

    Frontier 5L bar needed

    Aha! The other guy still hasn’t got back to me, and he’s over in the US so it was always a bit unlikely. Have you got a pic/numbers?
  6. Guineafowl

    Frontier 5L bar needed

    This is the exact mount I need.
  7. Guineafowl

    Frontier 5L bar needed

    This is the problem - look at the collectors’ corner one http://www.acresinternet.com/cscc.nsf/14711d8004b6ea7c88256e0c0001ff32/0dbf85f6a2a9a7c988256e0e001f792a?OpenDocument THAT one would fit, and it’s called a D276.
  8. Guineafowl

    Frontier 5L bar needed

    Shavey - that bar wouldn’t do as the oil hole’s in the wrong place. The old bar had a closed end. I’ve found an Archer 20A0-RN-MA bar and chain that might fit. Seller is going to post some better pics of the mount. I saw that Danarm, and was tempted, but the lazy bugger won’t post.
  9. Guineafowl

    Frontier 5L bar needed

    Wyk - nope. I’m the only weirdo trying to run old saws round here. According to a couple of saw shops in town, the D276 is no longer available. I found some Oregon 23226 bars on eBay, but in the US. They look like an exact match but the postage makes it not worth it. Apparently the mount fits a McCulloch 10-10. Eg this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/McCulloch-610-650-1-10-10-10-OREGON-20-SOILD-TIP-BAR/372391604187?hash=item56b444efdb:g:3wUAAOSwAoFbZmcj There’s a D276 (Windsor 24TMX58) in the UK for £50, but this is 24” long so it means another chain. Ah, well. I’ll keep looking.
  10. Guineafowl

    Frontier 5L bar needed

    A few piccies: The Danarm fuel cap was scrounged from another saw a long time ago. Bar mount with fragment of bar in place. Oil hole is on the left. Bar mount. Studs are 8mm thick.
  11. Guineafowl

    Frontier 5L bar needed

    Thanks for the suggestions so far. RobD - I’ve been searching for a pdf of the bar mount silhouettes, but no luck so far. The Oregon website lists only sprockets for the Danarm 55, which seems identical to the Frontier 5L. Wyk - The oil hole is much too high in that one. The next one down... http://www.acresinternet.com/cscc.nsf/14711d8004b6ea7c88256e0c0001ff32/0dbf85f6a2a9a7c988256e0e001f792a?OpenDocument ...would probably work, but the modern Oregon D276 doesn’t look anything like it. I’ll come back with some pics and more measurements. Cheers for now. P.S. The old bar was 20”, I think. I still have the chain, which is 3/8” and 72 DL.
  12. Guineafowl

    Frontier 5L bar needed

    Hi all, Many years ago I used this saw for firewood, but the bar was very worn and my local saw shop said they couldn’t get a replacement, before convinving me to buy a new saw. It got chucked on the scrap pile, and I eventually made a big knife out of the old bar, without taking down the numbers on it (eejit). I’d like to get it going again, and still have a piece of the tail mount left over for dimensions, and some partial numbers (E88...5560...27). Chainsaw collectors corner says Oregon D276, but on the Oregon website this bar looks completely wrong. There are separate oil and tensioner holes, the former behind and the latter in front of the middle of the clamp slot. The oil hole is 5mm and the tensioner hole 2.5mm from the clamp slot. Can anyone offer any help? It’d be nice to get this old thing going again.


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