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  1. Thank you all, it gives me strong starting point. Any other advice comments would be welcome.
  2. When challenged re boundary they put their hands up as a mistake it was somewhat fishy- it had obviously cost a few quid to do these works so we wondered it they were just going to take possession quietly and maintain that it had always been theirs. Is there much money in bio mass?? I'll try to get some pictures on line but i'm bloody useless with computers!!
  3. We have had a number of mature Ash trees, approx 120 (along with some minor beech and hazels) taken down either side of a footpath. These were mechanically felled and piled up. We had no clue as to who had carried out this work at the time as it was left in an absolutely terrible state and we had had no attempt to contact us even though there is no secret as to ownership. It transpires that a neighbouring farm had carried out the works as they thought they owned this land- they say that it was only carried out works for ash-dieback but numerous trees appear to be healthy and they were going to return to chip all in better weather ( Their agent tells us ash with die-back is no good for firewood as it rots before seasoned?? Bullsh*t?) What's the situation here?? We acknowledge that we would be responsible for the trees with die-back close to the footpath but there's one hell of a mess, it seems a terrible shame to chip it all and I'm guessing that there should be replanting to do?? Can someone advise if there is a format for this type of problem and what should be expected as a way forward and if some sort of compensation is due??
  4. Blimey, if I knew there was a multi-pack of Curly-Wurly's at sake I'd have held back with my answer and done a bit of proper research!!
  5. What were the others then so I can spend my evening having a buff-up??
  6. Really not my strong point at all, very weak- I've worked on the theory that I can damage myself enough without poisoning myself too so I've regarded them as interesting and pretty and if I'm going to get involved with any fungi I'd be better off buying it. My loss in something so interesting and part of the natural world however - I stand to be lambasted by the experts but here we go- Fly Agaric, Yellow Staghorn, Orange Woodland, Honey Fungus and Amethyst Deceiver. I'd better go and buff up hadn't I??!! Glad all well however, have a good day.
  7. Just checking that you're just in hibernation somewhere deep in your wood (hopefully with a beer) and nothing else has nobbled you- I've been checking for an update of my favoured read on a daily basis and its all gone quiet!!! Wot happened next then??!!
  8. I'm in complete awe of what you are doing. I can't wait for the next installment. Fantastic work- both in the woods and as a wordsmith. Completely captivated.
  9. Does anyone one climb for fun in the Essex/ Southend On Sea area?? I'm not a pro so get no chance to climb at work (I'm a plant fitter); I've got my 0021-08 ticket but need practice/ climbing buddy. I'm not the youngest of people wanting to climb but keen!! I have my own kit and transport
  10. I had exactly the same and the problem baffled far greater minds than mine- it was the ignition coil in the end. I put a new one one and all was A1 straight away although the greater minds couldn't explain why as the old coil was still putting out a spark and all thought it was fuel/tank/ vents/ carbs etc as that was what all the symptoms pointed too.


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