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  1. Hermes they bloody carry everything
  2. Good to hear will invest in some be sip ones then I must say the quality of the Sherpas was good but then once they had worn in past the first 6 months they went to shit.
  3. How do you find them wear wise I’ve had pair of SIP Sherpas and they have just fallen to bits over past 6 months.
  4. I need a new pair of trousers so will hold off till end of March but if not I’ll get something else.
  5. Haha foot ascender in order it is then any recommendations guys and jonnyrft it’s like a comdey show watching my ass climb them now
  6. Foot ascender isn’t that for SRT or will it work DRT and i tried prussik round it was just bounding too tight that I was struggling to move it up nor down
  7. Ahh yes I know what you mean. I have a pulley under my Prussik. The hitch climber looks a more streamline version of what I’ve got
  8. Hitch climber ? And yeah I won’t I’m hoping to get tickets done July time ready for next winter.
  9. So guys just started climbing Rec with view to do tickets later in year. From the few climbs I’ve done so far my arms are taking a battering and I feel I’m not using my hips enough any tips to make my climbing more fluid I’m not a small guy either so I know that’s disadvantage. Current setup being Petzl avao harness tachyon rope klemist knot
  10. Tah for the info bud I’m going to see what FR Jones can do I’ve built a list of stuff from them matching what I need and close to a kit from northern arb. What websites does everyone use I know of fr Jones honey bros skyland and northern arb but after all the bad press I’ll do my best to avoid any other good kit suppliers
  11. Gusharts only off one kit I can see unless I’m missing something. Fr jones I’ll call tomorrow and see what can do i had seen said thread but i thought surely they can be that bad I’d theyre still trading
  12. Hi all been looking at the climbing kits on northern arb has anyone got any reviews on them or any others who sell kits? Or or should I just buy each item separately?
  13. We are looking for a few climbers to add to our list of staff as we have a few days in diary where extra climber is needed. Work is all west wales based no more than 1 hour from Aberystwyth. Pm me details and I’ll speak to you must bring own top handle and ppe many thanks Sam MH Firewood & Tree Services
  14. Just rang local dealer and he said jonsered are shutting up shop is this true I’ve googled and have mixed answers.
  15. Looking to buy a moisture meter but not sure what’s worth spending on one we have used a cheap sthil one for past few weeks and have noticed it’s about as accurate as licking the wood and guessing. We sell around 10t a year any body with any recommendations


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