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  1. It's a simple piston and cylinder swap. The 64cc and 79cc have an identical chassis and fuel system. You can order the upgrade kit through Makita. Some models have different top covers that may need modification for the decomp location.
  2. Yes. I'm following a thread from another forum of full 462 build that is very interesting. The discussion has been around port timing and whether strato timing should be changed. The consensus has been that the Husky has much different port timing numbers, which is most probably due to the 572's crank stuffers. Also, that the Stihl has less potential cylinder area for porting gains than the Husky. Therefore, builders are finding it necessary to modify pistons to compensate for transfer port opening times.
  3. Lol. Yes the dog stole it and gave it a good chew.
  4. These pics are not from my saws. These are saws that got shipped abroad to folks that were looking to get the saws before they are released. All pics were taken when the saws were removed from the boxes. I use Dolmar saws for work saws.
  5. And here in the pic, you can see the clutch cover of the 572 is not even drilled to accept the outer spike.
  6. Yes. I'm sure about it. I've ordered the felling spikes, and currently in the EU, there isn't the HD felling spikes. I'm just saying some of the other covers are interchangeable.
  7. It was 64cc, but I've since upgraded it to 79cc.
  8. The 572 while similar in description, is quite different in person. As you can see from the pics, it comes with the flocked high density air filter. It has an all metal flywheel and shares the clutch cover design with several other of Husky's saws. Well, at least you can put other clutch covers on this saw to be able to use, for example, 395 felling spikes. You would lost hte captive bar nuts, but if you need the big spikes it's a trade-off.
  9. Definitely is one very nice saw. I don't think it has as much HP and torque as a 461, but it's close...
  10. Here is the 462 with my Ps630 Dolmar (Ps6400). Again noticeably lighter by feel in the hands.
  11. I've compared these saws with other models in size. The 462 is comparable in size and weight with the 562Xp Husqvarna. The size and weight of a 60cc, with 70cc HP and torque...
  12. All, I'm new here and found the site via Google search. I've been dealing with saws my whole life, but recently have gotten into them more heavily. I cut weekly and do most of my cutting from October - March. I live in Greece, so it's better to avoid fire danger that seems to be highly prevalent during summer months. I am originally from the US, but have lived the better part of my life as an expatriate in Europe. I met my wife while working abroad and we decided to live permanently in Greece. On to the saws. Recently I have been helping folks to acquire these saws that are not offered them yet in the geographic locations. I have operated both saws and can give honest general feedback about their characteristics, if anyone is curious or is trying to decide which saw to purchase. First, some of my photos.
  13. Hi All. Just joined when I found this thread via Google search. I've gotten a hold of both saws and I would say the most common thing of the two is the piston design. Here you can see clearly the similarities of the 562XP piston and the 462C piston. I haven't gotten a 572XP piston in my hands yet, but I've seen from photos it is relatively similar in design, so yes, Stihls is using very similar piston design when compared to Husqvarna.


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