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  1. Erik

    Today's milling

    Got into a nice log this morning. Some nice Birdseye on outer edges, and beautiful tight vertical grain goodness near the pith. Closeup pics of the vertical grain are 1"x7" boards, to give you an idea of the tightness of this grain. Some beautiful old stuff for sure!
  2. Erik

    Today's milling

    Thanks. The quality of some of the wood I see down here in my holler is pretty amazing. I'm like a kid in a candy store when I get into a really nice log, drooling over every board as it comes off the mill. It seriously slow down the process, but it sure is fun!
  3. Erik

    Today's milling

    The Lucas is some of the best $ I have ever spent in my life. Had a few band saw mills which were ok, but the wrong tool for the woods I work in. Nothing is better than a Mobile Dimensional for spitting out lumber, but the Lucas is just so mobile, can easily go anywhere, can mill big diameter logs with ease, produces beautiful lumber very quickly, has a slabber attachment which can be a serious money maker, and is relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain and work on. Just a kickass tool that I couldn't live without! Sales pitch over..
  4. Erik

    Today's milling

    Just me, a nice redwood log, and the Lucas. A good day
  5. Erik

    Today's milling

    No. I make them from scrap Fir and have found that if I make the effort to give my lumber a super sturdy, level platform to dry on, it comes out much nicer. When a stack is complete it gets a metal roof on to protect against the rain and the UV's. I try and elevate my rack a little to lessen the splash back when it rains. We got a 100" of rain in a few months this winter so I don't need to tell you it can rain pretty hard down here in my holler'
  6. Erik

    Today's milling

    Pre hugged! Very nice Rough Hewn. I will be using that one in the future.
  7. Erik

    Today's milling

    More free range, fair trade, spiritually activated, single source redwood goodness for the private reserves! I gotta say this is the best milling thread on any of the arb forums. Good stuff gentlemen!
  8. Erik

    Today's milling

    Yep. Coastal Redwood. Stuff grows on trees around here! A large % of my jobs are redwood removals and I always try and keep the good stuff for my personal stash. I'm gonna start building my lovely wife a new home soon and it will be completely made out of the good old stuff.
  9. Erik

    Today's milling

    good day of milling.
  10. Erik

    Today's milling

    I frequently do big removal jobs straight across for the logs. When I tell the homeowner that its not going to cost them a dime they look at me like I am insane, until I explain to them the value of the logs once they are turned into lumber or slabs. The tree in the pictures was one such job. Did 3 trees for the logs and walked with 16000-18000 board feet of extremely high quality redwood. I'm good with that!
  11. Erik

    Today's milling

    Those are some beautiful slabs. Nature as art. Wabi Sabi.
  12. Erik

    Today's milling

    Just teasing you a bit. Both the coastal’s and the Sequoia’s are true wonders of the world that everyone should try and see at least once in their life. The Sequoias are not nearly as numerous and grow in a very limited area. The fact that their wood is extremely brittle, and hard to work with was probably what saved them from extinction. The coastal on the other hand offers some of the nicest softwood on the planet, and they grow like a weed in their natural environment. We did our best to run them into exstiction, but luckily cooler heads prevailed.
  13. Erik

    Today's milling

    Sequoia? Blasphemy! This is coastal Redwood which is on another level when it comes to quality of the wood. I Iive and work in an undisclosed location deep down in some holler in northern California. A few pics of the tree which produced this log. Climb em, kill em, skid em, mill em. One stop shopping.
  14. Erik

    Today's milling

    After a long wet winter the sun is finally out, and the Lucas is once again spitting out lumber. Gawd I love spring!


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