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  1. The tree in question. Bucking and skidding. Another log from this tree that we got a couple very nice slabs out of, and the quality of the lumber this tree produced. When I fell the tree I was hoping for better, but after working around quite a bit of heart-rot she produced a lot of beautiful lumber and slabs.
  2. This log was a 12 footer that was just over 48" in diameter...Instead of putting the slabber attachment on the 10/30 we set up the Alaskan and knocked out two slabs, then went back to milling lumber with the Lucas....Redwood will many times have a long vertical crack right near the pith which goes from one end of the log to the other. When we are milling lumber and we get into log that does not have this crack near the pith we will sometimes pull out the Alaskan and do this..Works well and saves the trouble of switching over to the Lucas slabber attachment...
  3. That just what we did...We milled lumber to this point, then as we got near the pith we milled two 4" slabs, which came out very nice.. Finished up the log with more lumber....
  4. I spend 99.9% of my tree life in spurs, and as such I am very picky about my spurs. Subtle differences in gaff profile, stirrup angle, and shank shape can make a big difference in performance, and IMHO companies like Bashlin, Buckingham, and DMM are making a better spur than Gecko.....
  5. They might not be the latest and the greatest, but Bashlin's are a better spur than the regular Gecko's....The gaff profile and the angled strirrup on the Bashlin's are tough to beat...Plus they are one of the few interchangeable capable spurs that feels great with either short or long gaffs.... If your looking at the Gecko's I would take a look at the DMM version of the Aluminum Gecko's...It has the angled stirrup like the Bashlin's and is a kickass spur...
  6. I Want to give a shout out to the Notch JetStep footie (I believe the Harken Ninja is the same footie)... The best I have use to date...An amazing design that is smooth like butter. Highly recommended... A quick little 50-55 ft ascent...
  7. Most of the logs were skidded that day and are ready for milling....
  8. Super cool vid mdvaden. I have a good buddy who is doing most of the work in the Yosemite Valley and they took out a couple planted Sequoia's that were a little over 100 yrs old, were well over 200 ft, and over 8 ft at the Stump...Amazing how quickly these trees grow during there younger years...
  9. Quick little top and drop Fir. 80 ft top at 105 ft. My apologies for the video quality.
  10. Beautiful work all around! Really enjoyed the vid.
  11. This is Richard Mumsford's slightly improved interpretation of the venerable Hitch Hiker. If your looking for a tool to seamlessly go from single to double rope this is pretty tough to beat. Once dialed in this thing is buttery smooth, super quick, and ultra responsive in both SRT and DdRT. My favorite hitch based system. https://climbing-innovations.myshopify.com/products/hitch-hiker-x-with-rock-exotica-swivaeye


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