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  1. This is Richard Mumsford's slightly improved interpretation of the venerable Hitch Hiker. If your looking for a tool to seamlessly go from single to double rope this is pretty tough to beat. Once dialed in this thing is buttery smooth, super quick, and ultra responsive in both SRT and DdRT. My favorite hitch based system. https://climbing-innovations.myshopify.com/products/hitch-hiker-x-with-rock-exotica-swivaeye
  2. Erik

    Speed Wrecking

    Video watched, opinion formed, opinion shared. Thats how it works s o c. Somehow your comment/opinion is valid, but mine is not? F***k that!
  3. Erik

    Speed Wrecking

    The subpar work kind of speaks for itself, and all the nonsensical narration in the world wont change that fact.
  4. Erik

    Speed Wrecking

    So we all got to watch a guy randomly spray limbs and wood in all directions, stove piping and spearing limbs and wood in the unsuspecting homeowners driveway and lawn, all while he explains the subtle artistry of his work and his amazing cutting skills. Please!!!
  5. We banged out a log in the morning before heading off to do a Madrone removal. Another log that went through some serious fires creating some wicked heart rot but also making for some amazing looking wood. This one almost looked like a brazilian rosewood fretboard on an old Fender guitar! Straight to the personal stash with this stuff.
  6. Both stacks are from a job where I got payed in lumber, meaning for every board foot I milled for the clients I took one for myself. The 1st stack that is stickers is for my personal stash and the other is gonna be turned into a large wrap around deck for the folks I was working for. 3-4 guys, some nice 36"-40" logs, a whole lot of coffee, a couple 10-12 hour days and we produced quite a bit of lumber. My back is killing me, but we got er done!
  7. Spend the last 2 days milling. 2 nice stacks of lumber!
  8. Erik

    Stihlmadd vids

    Ya' make it look easy Ben, and I always love watching you work!
  9. Got into a wild looking log from a tree that had been through some intense fires over that last few hundred years. As a result it had some wicked heart rot but we managed to work around it and get some really beautiful boards.
  10. These are pretty average sized logs (4000-4200 board feet in 5 logs). These are the perfect sized logs to work with as they have plenty of beautiful lumber in them , but are not so big that moving, handling, and milling them is a royal pain in the ass.
  11. Skidded some logs and set up 2 new mill sites today.
  12. Coastal Redwood. Sequoia Sempervirens. A privilege and joy to live amongst, climb, fall, mill, and build/work with. The shit grows on trees around here-
  13. A couple little imperfections, but nothing I would consider a knot. This tree was 200 ft tall and I got a 100 ft of knot-free logs out of it. A beautiful tree for sure!


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