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  1. Erik

    Today's milling

    I frequently do big removal jobs straight across for the logs. When I tell the homeowner that its not going to cost them a dime they look at me like I am insane, until I explain to them the value of the logs once they are turned into lumber or slabs. The tree in the pictures was one such job. Did 3 trees for the logs and walked with 16000-18000 board feet of extremely high quality redwood. I'm good with that!
  2. Erik

    Today's milling

    Those are some beautiful slabs. Nature as art. Wabi Sabi.
  3. Erik

    Today's milling

    Just teasing you a bit. Both the coastal’s and the Sequoia’s are true wonders of the world that everyone should try and see at least once in their life. The Sequoias are not nearly as numerous and grow in a very limited area. The fact that their wood is extremely brittle, and hard to work with was probably what saved them from extinction. The coastal on the other hand offers some of the nicest softwood on the planet, and they grow like a weed in their natural environment. We did our best to run them into exstiction, but luckily cooler heads prevailed.
  4. Erik

    Today's milling

    Sequoia? Blasphemy! This is coastal Redwood which is on another level when it comes to quality of the wood. I Iive and work in an undisclosed location deep down in some holler in northern California. A few pics of the tree which produced this log. Climb em, kill em, skid em, mill em. One stop shopping.
  5. Erik

    Today's milling

    After a long wet winter the sun is finally out, and the Lucas is once again spitting out lumber. Gawd I love spring!
  6. Erik

    Ticks away!

    I have had Lyme disease and many of the associated coinfections for 30 years. This shit is no joke, so trust me when I tell you that you do not want what I got. A spray containing DEET will help, but is not exactly healthy. Most of the herbal essential oil formulas I have tried have been pretty hit and miss in their effectiveness. Tick proof clothing? Really? Your best line of defense is frequent inspections throughout the day, and educating yourself with the facts concerning ticks, Lyme disease, and the others coinfections associated with ticks. If you do get bit the best thing you can do is save the tick and send it in for testing. If there is any doubt take doxycycline for 4-6 weeks too make sure you have killed the bacteria. Chronic Lyme related issues kill people, so better safe than sorry. A worldwide epidemic and the fastest growing vector born bacterial infection on the planet.
  7. Erik

    The BIG C .

    Positive thoughts and sunshine being sent from NorCal.
  8. Erik

    what's up with swearing?

    My sincere apologies Ian.
  9. Erik

    what's up with swearing?

    I apologize if I am way off base here, but if you do really harbor these feelings I would humbly suggest you check out arboristsite. A snowflake free zone, with plenty of homophobia, islamophopia, racism, sexism, and general ignorance being spewed over there. You might be happier than a pig in shit? Who knows?
  10. Erik

    what's up with swearing?

  11. Erik

    Decent spiking boots

    As someone who spends 99.99999% of my climbing life in spurs I will say that the La Sportivas Makalu is the best spur boot I have ever used. Super comfy when broken in, relatively light weight, and true all day support when standing in spurs. After 40 years in spurs I have climbed in just about every lineman boot know to man, and all the latest and greatest climbing/mountaineer boots. If you spend a lot of time in gaff, give em' a try!
  12. Erik

    Dying Redwoods

    This is news to me? We have major SOD problems here, but I have seen no evidence of SOD crossing over into the Reds. Haven't even heard it being suggested around here? SOD is definitely linked to the Umbellularia Californica here, and I have my suspicions that it is also infecting some stressed Firs.
  13. Erik

    150 ft Redwood Removal - Italy

    Nothing special. Just a simple old-school life climbing, skidding, and milling. Still raining here, but I will make a quick little teeter totter vid later this week.
  14. Erik

    150 ft Redwood Removal - Italy

    It’s just one of those little tricks I was fortunate enough to pick up along the way. Just kind of took it for granted that most folks knew about it. Glad I could spread a little teeter totter love!
  15. Erik

    150 ft Redwood Removal - Italy

    I have used this technique while speed-lining, vertical speed-lining, picking 40 ft logs with a crane, lowering wood to itself, swinging wood to another tree, and flushing off big stumps. It can be an extremely effective tool in all these scenarios. Give it a try sometime. Who knows, you might find a place for it in your work.


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