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  1. Hi! I am planning to build a solar kiln. Have found a design for a kiln - http://pubs.ext.vt.edu/content/dam/pubs_ext_vt_edu/420/420-030/420-030_pdf.pdf. But I would like to gen an advice about VDC (12, 24 or 48V) fans for a solar kiln. I do plan to add up solar panels and get it working just from solar power. Have seen one type of 12V DC fan that comes with a solar panel for around 200 pounds for both 100w panel and fan (65W and rated 3000 CFM). Have searched for other options, but have not found many other options - at least with reasonable priced fan that would not be 200 pounds for a fan. Maybe someone can give some advice about DC fans for solar kiln?
  2. Hi! I am new to milling. Have just milled one tree Still, milling with alaskan mills is a bit specific. Need good first cut system, also need time to go and do stuff on site. I am looking to do milling at my site. It is a bit specific how to get trees to the site, still, as this is just my hobby then I can mill tree anytime I want (have time). Saw post while back - Still have not seen follow up. Have seen Paterson DWS, but those are a bit price and for now a bit out of my price range. Would be able to pay up to 5000 GBP. Have seen also info about home made portable chainsaw mills. http://www.woodweb.com/knowledge_base/HomeBuilt_Portable_Chainsaw_Mill.html Anybody has experience with this kind of stuff? At this time I am ok to invest some small amount to create such a mill (maybe not so portable, but just main fraime and moving part). But as there is so few info about this kind of stuff then can` t understand why?
  3. Did it ever made to production? Where was problems with this as I don`t see that someone is selling this kind of stuff?
  4. Can someone tell actual difference between 27R, 27RX, 27RA and Granberg? I am new to this. I got saw MS 880, have ordered 63cm, 90cm and have used 120cm bar that came with saw. I am mostly willing to mill 60-90cm in width hardwood like oak. RX has less tooth, less strain on the saw, slower milling (?), not as smooth finish. What about other chains and how to understand which one to take? As I am not from UK, but willing to buy chain in the UK (as price is good) then shipping costs is not as low as in UK then I am willing to take 100ft roll. (I have not seen 25ft rolls). Hope some more experienced could give me some advice.
  5. Will you have just 100ft rolls or do you plan having also 25ft? Other question is - if I buy them just as chain links do you make them as loop? Is there some help - how can i determine how many links I need for each bar length?


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