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  1. This sounds similar. I didn't want a guard dog as I wouldn't want it harmed so went for a protection dog that is trained and comes out with me as back up. As they live in the house with you they get more attached to you too. I wouldn't want to send him even though he has a command. just there to protect us and help the wife sleep at night. Its amazing what they can be trained to do.
  2. I agree, petrol disk cutter is what they used on my stuff. The wooden door inside the container slowed them down as it made a smoke screen as they tried to cut the locks off it. I didn't know that they could do this but the dogs can be trained to only take food including meat from its master. But nothing stops darts or a gun.
  3. I have been going full time on my own from about 2 weeks before the first lock down. It was tough especially investing in so much gear when times were uncertain. luckily I got some brilliant deals as everyone was panicking, I calculated the risks and it paid off. My yard is out of my back door with a couple of containers, wirelessly alarmed with a Yale system and Arlo cameras in the trees covering all areas. At 2.30am and having jammed my cameras I woke up after thinking I heard the padlock on one of the containers. 3 ******s were right outside my house having a go. Not sure if it was what I was carrying or being naked in my wellies, but luckily they ran. I knew that they would be back and better prepared so I spent all my spare money getting more fencing, lock ups, wire and infra red beams that ping to a box in my room when broken. Waited and waited and although I had a funny suspicion people were keeping an I on us we didn't have any attempts yet. The first evening we were out past 10pm they jammed the cameras and with a disk cutter started cutting in (must have been watching the whole time). In laws live about 50m away and were sitting watching T.V. when they heard it. In the 10minutes until the police came they had cut through everything and cleared all the small things. Even my nail gun and Estwing hammer, thousands of pounds just like that. Organised criminals cut through 3 military/council gates and drove into the field at the back of the yard. Police nearly got ran over as they escaped and they still didn't chase. They dont care about noise or people. You just need to slow them down and make it as tricky as possible for them. I spent thousands and none of it helped. Got myself a lovely protection dog a Czech bloodline Shepherd. They came back at 1.30am for the third time hoping that I had re-stocked gear. I have never heard people scream dog and run as fast before, even wheel spun away. This was 3 months ago and I haven't been woken since. Meet Bear. He is such a good family pet but when he needs to work its scary and by far the best deterrent.
  4. Simia


    Good evening all, I have just had my left inguinal hernia fixed with open surgery. When I went in January to get it scanned they advised that it would be best to get it sorted, although it wouldn't be serious unless it burst. Some people have them for years without any issues but mine was pressing on a nerve. I had pain every time I sat down, got up or bent over to lift. If I stayed on the NHS they couldn't give me a date and mentioned that it could be as long as a year or two which suited me. The private waiting list was 5 months for me and it cost £2500. I didn't want to have it done as I have a young business and was still working on the tools, but after snapping a ligament in my wrist back in March and having to have a few operations to try and sort that out meant I was physically useless. I am 32 and usually very fit. Thought that I would be up in 2 days and yes I was walking from day one but couldn't get far for about a week. 2 weeks in and I am diving fine with no pain. Standing and walking is still sore. Feels like I have been punched down there with a dull pain. I am hoping that it will ease off slowly over the next few weeks.
  5. Morning, I lived in Fort William for 4 years while studying Adventure Tourism Management and rode up there as much as I could. It’s a challenging downhill course and would not be advised unless keen riders. If you are looking for somewhere to ride or walk with views and in the middle of know where have a look at the West Highland Way. You can do a section of that and get great views. Fort William to Kinlochleven is great or even better is Kinklochleven to Glencoe. Kinlochleven also has the largest indoor ice climbing wall which might be of some interest for half a day. Great guys to teach you for a session there. Cow hill up the back of the town is a short walk. Once at the top there are great views of Fort William, Loch Leven and Ben Nevis. I hope this helps and if you want to know anything else feel free to answer. It would take hours to explain all. Al
  6. This is my second year in the industry and I have had it from day one. I’m the same as eggsarascal. I pay for it but hope to never use it.
  7. I do apologise it took a very long time to show the first post had been posted. I thought I had lost it so wrote another. Sorry. I will get used to it soon. Thank you Steve.
  8. Hi all, fairly new to here and first post so bare with me please. Great advice from all. I am currently in the same position and looking to buy my first chipper. From what i have researched and the questions that i have asked (all a little cloudy from all parties) the new Diesel engines with dpf filters to comply with the emissions will firstly be more expensive than the petrol ones and secondly to burn cleaner will have to run off white diesel. I’m not sure how that one works but if so the petrol versions will be far more cost effective. From all that you guys have mentioned i think it will be a no brainer to invest in a petrol. I am going to get a GreenMech 150p and Forst ST6P on demo to see how they get on. It’s a big jump for a new business to invest like this but at the same time very exciting.


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