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  1. Very good info thank you very much Rob! What book are those pages from?
  2. I've read somewhere MS500i is not advised to be used for milling.... If you have one why not try it hehe, here in Slovakia we still can't order it lol
  3. Thanks, damn, is that tool less mechanism up to the task? Won't it brake and will it make it possible to tighten properly, both the chain and the bar?
  4. Exactly.... I was excited when I read this article only to see the "tool less" chain tensioner mentioned....... And I backed up to see the tool less bar fastening as well...... Why the hell Stihl! I would buy this in th future if it had a nut that won't brake, I don't mind carrying a tool...
  5. So the disc sharpening machines are not so good? I was planning on getting one.
  6. Mat K

    Stihl ms462

    What does stink mean please ? I am not a native speaker and I was considering running my 661CM with a 20" lopro milling bar for my new panther intersect mill.
  7. oh damn I juts made an order this friday and now all these offers Rob you tease!
  8. Niceeeeeeeeeee I am happy I contributed (I think?) with the wheels? If not it doesn't matter I am happy still I will need one so save me one !
  9. Oh thanks! No worries. Didn't mill much this month last thing I milled was the big cherry I posted on instagram
  10. Yeah thick brown paper rolled up and/or scrunched is pretty much standard for small (not heavy af :D) machinery and spare parts delivery, with some level of combination with strong cardboard pieces. It is reusable and not only degradable but even compostable (be wary with these terms, for instance with plastic bags for dog poop degradable is not so eco friendly as it sounds, it just means the plastic breaks into smaller parts quicker but they still won't decompose into soil). And can be burned if you can't store it.
  11. Yeah could be because I don't remember seeing the option there hehe. Fees can be complicated but if you are just making a transaction yourself just look at these charts, that tell you the current mempool size and you can base the fee amount of that so they go through in the next block and you won't overpay: https://jochen-hoenicke.de/queue/#1,24h but the current mempool is empty (nothing compared to the congested mempool and super high fees [for BTC atleast, still cheap when compared to regular banking and payment world] we had couple months ago) so only 50 sat/B should be enough to get your tx into the next 1st block. Look into these guys they are a good payment service if you know how to set it up: https://twitter.com/BtcpayServer https://cryptocoingrowth.com/2017/12/27/btcpay-is-a-better-and-cheaper-bitpay-says-core-developer-nicolas-dorier/ or these (dunno if they support GBP) Trezor and Alza use them apparently so it should be very good: https://bitcoinpay.com/en/


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If you would like to contribute to making this industry more effective and safe then welcome.
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