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  1. Chessa

    Making the news today....

    Cool. I’ll look it up. I’m reading “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” by Robert A. Heinlein. But, right now - I’m off to the pub - to find some of those CO2 bubbles (and win the booby prize at the village pub-quiz ... chocolates!) 😏
  2. Chessa

    Making the news today....

    I myself, edit quite a lot (like the person you were referring to): because I misspell, ”misgrammar” and accidentally miscommunicate quite a bit on first drafts; and I have plenty of afterthoughts to add later as well. Some of the writing I have done (requested by other people for reviews etc) has been edited with my consent or in one case misprinted. 😱 It’s a knife edge for writers sometimes. But, indeed: the idea of “changing history” through written documentation is a whole other can o’worms though. ... Thankfully the news has shifted to cans of beer now (and bottles and draught) before an imminent shortage of air bubbles. Reminds me of a book I am reading about living on the moon...
  3. Chessa

    Making the news today....

    What you wrote is beautiful, and the sentiment pure. “It’s a wonderful life...if you can find it”. (Nick Cave). Perhaps I have found myself spending too long in the eddy of 1 out of 10 times...trying to make a difference. (I’m old as has been pointed out quite rightly - but I’m still a child at heart). Oh, and if I was registered to vote I’d be a Green or something similar - but the nomadic life means it is tricky to “belong” anywhere to anything.
  4. Chessa

    Summer Solstice

    I offer my apologies and give my thanks. P.S. I do this with every tree I take down.
  5. Chessa

    Making the news today....

    If anything is good, it is well argued and thought-out contributions to debates like this. You guys should be politicians?! It feels to me a bit like the divisions and discussions amongst the American side of my family/kin who are scattered throughout the US and Canada. Those in Indiana/Michigan have different views entirely to those in Florida and Miami. So much to think about. The thinking runs back and forth, deep into history and into the future. We certainly do like our thinking and talking here - and not just about Arb matters. That is why we keep tripping by...isn’t it?
  6. Chessa

    Making the news today....

    If only life was as simple as our everlasting youthful dreams yearn for it to be so.
  7. Chessa

    Making the news today....

    All three examples were given as “good” things repealed by the current President. It was not laziness, but rather haste in trying to reply that led them to be written here. I do not see the conflict in the last two? My musings are just that; not prejudice. I did not claim that everything Obama did was good. Rather, I admitted that only some changes he (or anyone) makes are good. (Good for the many, rather than the few). I am pointing out examples of harm I have witnessed (“detail, not emotion” - as previously requested on here) - in terms of “more bad than good” that have been done by the current administration. I can add that a flare burning all the air has a dramatically decisive effect. It has both the power to injure and destroy as well as to stir emotion and shed sudden light: upon the situation, political and otherwise - we find our world turning in, these days.
  8. Currently having a break from the internet. I’m going “internet-free”

    for a while...

  9. Chessa

    Summer Solstice

    Natural celebration time! The Solstice and Litha, in a day’s time from now. Enjoy a happy zenith of light and life.
  10. Chessa

    Making the news today....

    Folk driven by money may not be “bought”, but they may be more easily corrupted by it instead. Saying and doing as one pleases is a maverick management style that delivers not fresh air, but an arsonists fiery flare. Fire requires air to burn, and some folk seem to believe that they deserve more air - even if it means the asphyxiation of others who are simply trying to breathe.
  11. Chessa

    Making the news today....

    However, (in contrast to the previous President), it is probable that most policy making and delivery by the current president is triggered by raw emotion though.
  12. Chessa

    Making the news today....

    Just off top of my head: good but, then repealed: Obamacare? Various specific Acts relating to LGBTQ+ rights, (repealed on the day Trump swore in as President) UN human rights council membership (repealed today). These views are my own. They are just views, unresearched - so any specific analysis relating to initiation dates and long term effects pre and post repeal are not supported by lengthy justification of postulation by me here.
  13. Chessa

    Making the news today....

    Obama was no “small talker”. He was a natural Orator. Not all he did was good, but much of the good he did whilst in office is unrecognisable now - having been dismantled by his nemesis.
  14. Chessa

    How many hours do you put into your business?

    Josharb87 “No wonder Stefan needs a holiday, not from work thats a piece of piss for him, but from being back on Arbtalk for 5 minutes “ ...I love the humour that suddenly bubbles unexpectedly out of folk: present here too on Arbtalk, especially in times of stress...such a relief! Nothing makes me smile more than comedic tragedy.
  15. Chessa

    How many hours do you put into your business?

    Personally, I think Stefan was trying to be motivational: “ Don't ever be afraid to fail, if you fail you stand the fuck back up again, and again and again. Never give up, feel no fear you hold the power...It's your Choice”. What was on his path previously may have been a fall, and maybe he had just found his feet again; and wanted to share the passion, hope and courage? I for one, hope he comes back on Arbtalk sometime to let us know his hindsight thoughts.


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