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  1. Chessa

    Signs you're approaching middle age....

    Phew, you're a decent bloke after all! Thanks, but don't worry - I also come out with some horrors from time to time. Apologies for any and to all in advance. ☺️
  2. Chessa

    Signs you're approaching middle age....

    I used to have heated driver and passenger seats in my VW Camper van. They were amazing and enticing. But if I drove for more than ten minutes on full heat - I would start to nod off. So: window open, seat-heat on was a remedy for the start to any kind of day. Cold cheeks and warm cheeks at the same time. Just wish there were heated seats on the stand at the footie.
  3. Chessa

    Signs you're approaching middle age....

    Top tip. Hot tip.
  4. Chessa

    Signs you're approaching middle age....

    Why not? Some like to be the givers of hair, some the receivers - some like none at all. To my mind: male, female or other body type has nowt to do with a penchant or distaste of hair really. "Axe wound" is not very nice though - on or for anyone. Is it? 😨
  5. Chessa

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Interpret as the "third eye" - as in the mystical sense (not the genital sense, before anyone gets all fruity).
  6. Chessa

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Keep your eyes on the horizon. The horizon holds the perspective.
  7. Chessa

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Gi'oer! It'll be fine with a bit o' ivy growing up, or maybe some honeysuckle or woodland climbing rose. Or maybe he's gonna tie a horse to it - and needs the extra strength. Or just a wee Foxy-nod to health and safety consciousness perhaps?
  8. Chessa

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Wondered what you've been up to Foxy. 🤔 Is this 🌲🦊🏠Tree-Fox-cabin an early birthday present for you and yours this year? It is beautiful, and good to see.
  9. Chessa

    Climate change anyone?

    Lovin' the lipsmackin' taste of your gallows humour...
  10. Chessa

    Climate change anyone?

    As I write: a programme called "Will Humans Survive the 21st century" just on Radio 4's Analysis at this very moment. 😱
  11. Chessa

    Climate change anyone?

    Extraordinarily interesting esoteric perspective, and of course - (I expect, self-admittedly by the author) a dangerous (to humankind at least) conviction. It does offer a pause for thought in the midst of all the self-admonishing consensus we either comfort or scare ourselves with... Is it a dystopian-utopian individualist vision, I wonder?
  12. Chessa

    Climate change anyone?

    Just watched the Greta vid on the first page of this thread... I was at school and college during the late 70's, all the 80's, and the early 90's. I remember during a handful of geography lessons one half term in the mid eighties - learning about the overuse and misuse of our planet's resources. I remember being quite shocked by the possibility of the world becoming depleted, polluted and dramatically adversely changed by the actions of humans. We looked at forecasts for when signs would start showing that "things were beginning to go wrong". These were all to begin in my lifetime. I remember thinking that "the adults" must be doing something about this emergency, otherwise there must be some kind of reason I had missed, or had not yet been taught as to why most the adults I then questioned about this global problem were in denial. I thought maybe I had misunderstood the lessons and warnings, and everything was going to be alright after all. I have grown up kids now. I have brought them up the best I can to be both environmentally and socially conscious and "active" in accordance with their own understanding of the situation. They know far more about environmental issues than I did as a child. They are doing more good than I did, as I slowly grew into an adult. What I wonder, is whether what we have done, or what we are doing will be "enough"...and how will we know?
  13. Chessa

    Signs you're approaching middle age....

    Just can't keep warm for long anymore unless I am moving - unless I am in a hot climate.
  14. Chessa

    Signs you're approaching middle age....

    Yep. I do. (Wasn't shaving' mi beard tho').
  15. Chessa

    occupational health of arb

    Unfortunately I couldn't agree with you more matty I have spent years wanting to do the biggest hardest trees I could I always pressured myself to want to be as fast as possible I loved it the buzz of it is very hard to satisfy with anything else I haven't drank for ten years ut when I did it was always to an extreme I have that sort of personality All absolutely valid and well argued points, backed up with experience. I too (even this evening), get asked for stressy quotes and work queries in a pub from time to time. Like others, I get overwhelmed with workload and worried when sometimes, my body doesn't cope or my mind is fried with "feeding the rat" (anyone read Al Alvarez's "Feeding the Rat?"). Before Arb and gardening work, I had a background in the climbing scene. I feel a familiar parallel between the arb world and the climbing world, over the seemingly contradictory claims of profound wellbeing doing this work and the personal encounter of intense "deep play" (feeding the rat): involved as we toil in pleasure or pain. Nature always has the potential to be both healing and also dangerous, depending upon how one reacts to the risk and stress presented. It's a conundrum for each individual to address and find their own healthy balance: or in the case of organisations - to manage in protection of their workers.


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