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  1. It's just so heartwarming to see a chunk of good news in the press from time to time, even if the figures are a bit off: - the reported good intent is inspiring, and somewhat empowering in a humble kind of way; even if makes one just wonder about life itself - in Ethiopia or anywhere on this spinning, glowing orb.
  2. Ethiopia 'breaks record' by planting 350000000 trees in one day - Metro https://metro.co.uk › News › World
  3. Having both Aspergers and a GCSE in Latin, I can confirm that these are neither a help nor a hindrance to my understanding of the meaning of trees in any human language. 😊
  4. Read "Fingers in the Sparkle Jar". You may change your mind.
  5. Dare I say: the eventual positive acceptance of females and NB's into the Arb industry. Well, it changed my life anyway...
  6. People do, say and think strange things when experiencing life changing events. Also, grief takes different people in so many unexpected and long-term ways. Even if you are open, don't expect everyone else to be. In my experience, folk can keep their feelings or agendas hidden for years or even their whole lives. Tread carefully. You can only do what you believe is the right thing to do, from your own heart.
  7. Seen the same in Yorkshire/Derbyshire border, of Birch, Cherry, Rowan and Horse Chestnut. Also a cleaved Horse Chestnut which I have decided to leave as is due the interest from a woodpecker. However, I am noticing loads of saplings popping up everywhere - especially Rowan and Horse Chestnut (thanks to birds and squirrels probably).
  8. Ahh, you found the Bowder Stone! ...takes me back. Have you experienced an evening on the beach at Buttermere? Good to see you in good spirits Foxy.
  9. Chessa


    Sat outside the pub on the wall yesterday evening...and I heard a triumphant screech...The Swifts are back, the Swifts are back, the Swifts are back!!! 12th May 2019 in the Hope Valley, Derbyshire. The day after, as I'm hanging off a rusting balcony, cutting ivy and pyracanthas (grr) as it tumbles chaotically over a red brick walled garden in Sheffield, there are even more Swifts - cutting racing lines like crazy whipped up vapour trails; all a'joyed with fresh insects buzzing around in the hot, bright sun. Makes me just feel like starting life all over again...
  10. Chessa


    Can you imagine tampons with wings???! 😳 Think what you are saying man! 😂
  11. Chessa


    This year so far in the Hope Valley, I have seen a nest of Mistle Thrushes fledge, a few Blackbirds and Pigeons nesting, several Robins flying about me as I work, Tits of several sorts in the bushes in the mornings, and a few Magpies chasing the Mallard ducks and Crows. Dippers are in the stream, and a Woodpecker heard, but not sighted in one garden in Sheffield. There's the usual raucous roosting crows of an evening silhouetted in the gloaming. I even heard a cuckoo a couple of evenings ago and an owl or two and a solitary bat fluttering. But, the Sparrow Hawks have disappeared from the trees across the fields, I haven't seen any little wrens about as usual, and the swifts are late this year - although I heard them in Spain in March this year - hopefully on their way?
  12. Yes to this bit. But...the bit I've left out should surely be left out. Historically, one of the most misunderstood societies of people, who were entwined then severed from Nature.
  13. I've been long-term borrowing a tripod ladder with three adjustable legs. Tall, versatile and very light. They're the business. This is them, just ready to extend, position and adjust...
  14. Phew, you're a decent bloke after all! Thanks, but don't worry - I also come out with some horrors from time to time. Apologies for any and to all in advance. ☺️


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